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National Honor Society

Welcome- National Honor Society of Stafford Schools!

Our first order of business will be our Induction Ceremony which will be held, Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 in the High School Commons area. 
We will be inducting five sophomores and one junior in to our society. Please join us and celebrate these individuals accomplishments. 

We are kicking off our Michigan Bulb Fall Bulb sale the coming week. We will be selling flower bulbs online. Our Society will receive 50% profit of each sale. With that profit the Society will in turn give 50% to the Stafford County Bounty project to aid in food stocks for our community. We are really excited to be a part of supporting in any way with this project. Please support our efforts with the purchase of some beautiful bulbs for your spring gardens! You can order online at: 

In October, we will help support the annual Blood Donor Drive. Check at a later date for more details!

February will be our month to collect money through a penny collection for Leukemia. All proceeds are given to the Leukemia Society of Kansas to support those afflicted and their families. This will be our second year in our efforts to support this grand organization.