Stafford Public Schools 
Our Literacy Journey  
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To Our Stafford Community;

I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information about our literacy program. Teachers have been working hard over the last few years studying and implementing a readers'/writers' workshop model. They have visited other districts and observed the workshop model in action.  With the implementation of the workshop model, it is our mission to provide a program that allows students to become powerful readers and writers. The workshop model allows students to read and write for real reasons,  developing skills for lifelong learning while promoting  independence and agency.

    The readers’/writers’ workshop model builds on research that shows choice and volume have a direct impact on students achievement. Research shows that volume of reading is directly linked to attaining higher order literacy proficiencies. Students choosing and reading independent texts, will help  them  to move up the levels of text complexity.

Stafford is on the threshold of a very exciting time in literacy. The primary and elementary schools have been implementing the program for a couple of years. The middle school is exploring the Lucy Calkin’s Readers’ and Writers’ Units of Study in grades six and seven. We are building the workshop model in the classrooms, and students are loving the opportunity to  explore the literary world through a variety of genres. During the first units, our  writers will create wonderful stories based on small moments in their lives. Some will continue to produce personal narratives, while others will write realistic fiction stories. Students will then have opportunities to explore  opinion, and informational writing. In reading, students will be studying a wide range of genres using text they have chosen to read. They will engage in analytical conversations and study characters deeply.

It is our goal to build reading communities in all of our language arts classrooms. The teachers have worked hard  at  developing an environment that makes all readers feel welcome and excited about literacy. The physical layout of the classrooms have been transformed thanks to a lot of work and dedication from the Stafford teachers and administrators.

We look forward to this opportunity to develop a community of readers and writers at all of our schools. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me,  and I will be more than happy to provide more information. Please ask your student about the books he/she is reading!


Lisa Lobik

Literacy Leader K-8

Stafford Public Schools