SocioTech Evaluation

The University of Westminster would like to ensure that its IT systems meet the evolving needs of its students.  As part of this, we encouraged you talk to us, made changes, added google apps and gmail through the "Tearing Down the Walls - TWOLER Project".  Now have your say and help us improve our services to you and your classmates, and also have the chance to WIN an Amazon voucher! Once you have completed this survey you will be entered into the competition to win one of TWENTY £10 Amazon vouchers!! Benefits to all students include an opportunity to influence the IT systems developed for students, with better applications and facilities to communicate within the university. The questions are mainly in the form of multiple choice where you 'tick' the appropriate box by using a mouse click, although in some you can write in your own responses.

Many thanks for reading this and going onto to complete the survey. Your views are important!