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Got an idea for a gadget or mashup or have suggestions promote and further the TWOLER project?  Share it here. No matter how small, how big, how off the wall... IT IS WORTH CAPTURING!

Site collaborators can add directly to this list, if you have not been set up as a collaborator, email your ideas directly to google@westminster.ac.uk

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mashup there are lots of interesting University of Westminster websites that are affliated or hosted externally - would be great to create a mashup with links to promote more widely to students and staff e.g ..... http://www.westminsterfashion.com/ http://www.smokeradio.co.uk/ http://www.theory.org.uk/ http://www.wiut.uz/..... http://twitter.com/WestminsterUni... http://www.westminsterfilms.com/  students to investigate & find sites, then mashup together and advertise http://www.facultymusic.com/about.htm 
idea "WHAT I WISHED I KNEW WHEN I STARTED @ UNI" - videos, how to, on things useful to new students. Something like the Google docs examples or similar google sites on the student domain & students to generate content http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRqUE6IHTEA 
site idea Set up a site for students to advertise themselves - skills, availability, interests - to university depts looking to employ students / academics look for research assistants etc - i.e. the reverse of a jobs site Students to create, promote and advertise + access to Google sites  
gadget idea UNIVERSITY STREETVIEW: kind of like google streetview - a visual map of the university, mashed up against course lecture timetable - how to get from A to B. Code already open source from Google? students to develop, film content, mashup against courses  
gadget - student design of the day gallery gadget allowing upload of individual students work - e.g. fashion, ceramics, illustration, photography - display student name if they choose to + link to course information page. Embed gadget on the university website student to develop, plus promote to other students for content upload google gadget art of day 
mashup idea site mashup of subject specific sites (e.g. pyschology) with lectures, external /internal, iTunesU feeds, mashed up against UoW courses, reading lists/book for sale, study groups sessions, useful resources  students with subject specific interest to develop, maybe with academic mentor  
idea web page displaying all lectures/events being held on a campus each day, inc rm numbers, course, lecturer, plus social events - to be displayed at the entrance of each campus site on the plasma screens feed data, student to design and test screen  
gadget idea grade predictor: achieved coursework grades & field to input anticipated grade to calculate overall course result. Helps see how much work is needed to achieve higher overall grade grades feed, module weightings, security/authentication  
Idea Lots of people do not know what facilities the university has because they are on seperate sites. Create mashup site of facilities mapped to room locations, room no, campus etc e.g. how many people know about the TV studios at Harrow, the financial trading floor Bloomberg suite in Marylebone, the engineering workshops, the court room at Regent law school, the Bioscience laboratories, cermamics workshops, radio station, the gym and more...  architecture students to map uni plans, maybe in 3-d, video or image content of facilities,  http://sketchup.google.com/ 
data mashup using Google apps visualisation tools (all on my.westminster account) create mashup of university, student or external data  students who like to analyse data http://code.google.com/apis/visualization/documentation/gallery.html 
mashup idea campaign site - student led, mashup of uni stats on services provided, student discussion board, video feedback, voting mechanism, maybe include google moderator google sites for students, student to mashup, develop site and create content  
gadget/mashup mashup of all coursework submission deadlines across all courses that a student is on - to give an overview of submission deadlines not just for the specific module or course - useful for students and academics to see workload better and maybe adjust submission dates   
idea theme specific designs for my.westminster Google accounts relating to each school, department or society and clubs -  artistic graphics students http://www.google.com/help/ig/art/gallery.html 
Idea? populating students my.westminster calendar with their course timetable using rss feeds from Black Board or student records rss feed authenticated against individual students course details  
mashup idea rss feed and gadget to display a students lecturers name and contact details. student comment on having to search staff address book  lectures rss feed, autentication & mashup against modules  
gadget idea can we embed the Google email inbox in BlackBoard? May not required any coding just someone to investigate how to do it.  student / isls staff to investigate, maybe some LDAP authentication  
Gadget idea like the "ART OF THE DAY" gadget something similar for creative students to display their work on - art, photos, cermaics, fashion etc, mashup against course details fed from SITS - promotes both student work and the university students to develop  
Gadget idea COURSE READING LIST mashup of course reading lists against students second hand text books for sale student to develop  
gadget idea STUDENT VIDEO FEEDBACK: rather than then dry boring questionnaires set up a video feedback booth fro students to use google apps video enabled, students to develop, promote to other students  
Charles Glancey Google Apps as a journalist / editing tool for the Smoke Newspaper   
Cathy Titterton Set up survey form for students to complete - student wishlist for making the university information infrastructres work better in an online environment - pop up as a survey. ONlude link to Student focussed TWOLER site. apps forms, visible on webpages (studnet union, IS, student home page)  
Cathy Titterton Comment has been made that reading this site it is not clear what the project involves. We also need to find better channels to access students with ideas. Suggestion: have MAD students set up parrellel project site which is student focussed (minus the mundane project documentation). Draw on students expertise studying communication, design etc. Potential to embed in course modules?  School MAD agreement and co-operation  
Alex Iacconi USB CAMERAS for Google Talk Purchasing inexpensive USB cameras to provide video capabilities to all PC  
Cathy Titterton GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE Saw a news item on Google flu trends - what might we be able to do similar in the Westminster environment. What equiment gets used most often, what students/staff are searching for (i.e. difficult to find not commonly known). Can we map the university environment and for what purpose? This requires two prerequisites: 1 a search engine that people love and trust, so much so that they make it their first port of call, and 2 a concerted push toward self help.  
Alex Iacconi iPod Touch - If we give iPods we must give iPod Touch if not we need to give Wi-fi devices as we need to focus on tools that can integrate with the strategic need of the project £££££  
Alex Iacconi MODERATOR Google labs application for running a moderating session. Possible uses for q&A sessions on presentations and lectures. Publicity and how-to video  
Alex Iacconi COMPETITION PRIZES - Avoid random selection and decision by panel. Prizes should be given by either popular decision [voting system to be put in place that guarantee single voting], or by usage statistics [e.g. Number of users using a gadget]. Some developmen in the areas of voting systems and log analysis. (If possible analysis how many users linked to a calendar.)  
Alex Iacconi VIRAL SPREAD - Gadgets and all other uses of the new platform need to be built in a way that allows for viral dissemination. There are two types of viral dissemination: benign [user choose to tell x number of their friends about the application in order to use it], malign users are automatically told about other users using the application depending on FOAF or group settings. Coding practices and infrastructure setup.  
Cathy Titterton LECTURE - previous requests to ISLS to give first year students lectures on working life in IT. Potential route in to Computer Science students to introduce idea of gadget development, mash-ups etc. Use as introduction to possible mentors (Alex, Charles, Frederica & others)  School invite - contact Colin Everiss  
Althea Barnabis 'STEEPLE FUND INCENTIVE for sign up - weekly prize for the x number student to sign up to Google apps that week. to run for 6 weeks up to 12/12/2008.  Query SITs db identfy winner, prize (bookshop vouchers £50 x 6), plasma dispaly, all student email, notification to helpdesks  
Alex Iacconi PULL DOWN THE WALLS - students/ staff programmers. When working on TWOLER, take laptop into student areas, aim to engage students face-to-face - build ongoing relationship 'mentor' with contributing students.  Visibility - Google sweatshirts, googlenauts signs. Get Oxford Brookes paper on student enagement with projects.  
Roger James VIDEOCAMS FEEDBACK - hand out to students to interview other students on Google Apps. Aim to get feedback and identify possible student candidates for more indepth involvement. Potentailly useful as measure of sucess/failure on how students feel about Google Apps. Return to same student in a year's time. Videocam purchase (£99 each)  
Showing 32 items