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Project Team

Project Board: Roger James  (Director of Information Systems)
David Gauntlett (Professor of Media & Communications)
Gunter Saunders  (Director of On-Line Learning)

Project Team:
Iqbal Hussain - (Project Manager)
Sara Mei - (Project Analyst)

Alex Iacconi  (Web Manager)
Matthew Jones (Developer)
Andrew Laughland (Developer)

Elayne Coakes (WBS Senior Lecturuer - carrying out th e Socio-tech evaluation of the project)

Catherine Titterton

 Google Guru's:
Charles Glancey (Computing Training Officer)
Janice Kilroy (Computing Officer)
Dominic Ash (Computing Officer)
Paul Hudson (Computing & Multimedia Officer)

 User group

Technology Enhanced Learning

Student Union: Jim Robbins (Campaigns & Representation Mgr)
Amar Sanghera (Vice President Campaigns & Communication)
Nas Said (Vice President  Activities)
Lottie Pettinger (Smoke Radio)
Contributing staff

Andrew Geehan (Estates & Facilties)
Federica Oradini  (On-Line Learning Officer)


Make an impact!
Join the project

Max Warren 
MAD  - BA (Hons) Broadcast Television Production

Barbara Somlai 
MAD - BA (Hons) Graphic Information Design
    Twica -
Collaborative lecture notes

Pradeep Sacitharan
Biosciences - BSC Human and Medical Science

Postgraduate Medicine - Why, Where, How?
    Campus Guides

Benjamin Mason 
MAD - BA (Hons) Graphic Information Design
Individual Library Catalogue

Said Shire
Informatics - BSC (Hons) Software Engineering
    Exchange/Selling Portal

Amber Shafi
Biosciences - BSC (Hons) Physiology and Pharmacology
Biosciences Society

Fella Boudjema
WBS - MA International Business and Management
    Keep Post Grad Tight

Daiva Balcikonyte
Law   - LLB (Hons) Law
Interactive Law Guide

Pavan Singh
MAD - BSC (Hons) Multimedia Computing

Student Forum

Shaun Baisden
MAD - BSC (Hons) Multimedia Computing

Student Forum

Hersi Yassin
MAD - BSC (Hons) Multimedia Computing
Student Forum

Arcanjo Dourado
Informatics - BSC (Hons) Information Systems with Business Management
Stress Free Room

...there are no more places left on the studentships.
but anyone can participate in the competition...

Staff Mentors
(active or interested in teaming up with students)

Mark Kerrigan  
(Biosciences - Dept of Human & Health Sciences

Charles Glancey
(ISLS - Computing Training Officer)

Stu Lambert
(MAD - Dept of Music)

Junaid Kilyani

David Gauntlett 
(MAD - Dept of Journalism & Mass Communication

James Coakes
(WBS - Dept of Bus Info Management & Operations)

Magda Hercheui
(WBS - Dept of Bus Info Management & Operations)