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Gadgets & Mashups

We are are inviting students and staff to
develop gadgets and mashups as part of the TWOLER Project. Using RSS feeds out of the core university systems (Black Board, student records, library) we are looking for innovative development of gadgets and mashups which are will enrich student life in the university.
Judging will be based on the quality of the ideas and their contribution to enriching student life in the University through the better use of information. Evaluation will be made across the novelty and ingenuity of the idea, the contribution to student life and the implementation. Popularity and download information will also be used.

Watch out for news on a 'mixing & mashing' event late June / early July aimed at bringing students and staff together for a day of experimentation and exploring ideas.

Competition Promotion

Competition Rules:

  1. The competition is open to all University of Westminster students (full and part time) and staff.
  2. Entries can be submitted on an individual or team basis.
  3. Teams may consist of only students or a mix of staff and students.  Staff only teams are not eligible.
  4. A single entry can be submitted to all categories, but is limited to winning a maximum of 3 categories e.g. most innovative use of video, best integrated with Black Board and most popular by student vote = £3000
  5. Gadgets and mashups will be made available for voting and download/site traffic categories as early as they have been submitted for publishing.
  6. Download category entries will be judged on the basis of downloads/site traffic.
  7. For mashups not hosted on my.westminster or staff.westminster domains, you must ensure that you enable Google Analytics on your mashup site and share your Google Analytics Reports* with Twoler.uow@googlemail.com or request that a http://bit.ly URL be created for your mashup site from the TWOLER team to be used to promote your site and measure traffic.
  8. Closing date for submission of new gadgets & mashups is Sunday 3 January 2010.
  9. Voting on the most popular gadget or mashup will be carried out throughout the month of November / December 2009.  Voting ends on Sunday 3 January 2010.
  10. Winning submissions will be announced in January 2010.
  11. Promotion of gadgets and mashups, to increase votes and download, to the wider student population is allowed and encouraged.
  12. Prizes will be paid by cheque to the winning individual or team leader.  Team submissions are responsible for the division of any prize winnings between team members.
  13. The judging panel consists of Director of information Systems, Prof Roger James, Project Board member Prof David Gauntlett, a representative from the Student Union and an independent external judge. 
  14. The judging panels decision is final.
* How to grant TWOLER access to your Google Analytics reports?

Prize categories:

Student Voting 1st
1. most popular downloads / site traffic
2. most popular voting
Judging panel decision
3. most innovative use of video
4. most innovative use of Google sites
5. most innovative use of Google calendar
6. most innovative use of Google docs
7. best integrated with Black Board
8. best integrated with Library
9. best integrated with university social life
10. best integrated with curriculum / external info
11. best integrated with maps /geographical info
12. best social network integration
13. best mobile phone use
14. best my.westminster logo / themes
15. best mashup of external and university data


University of Westminster students and staff. 

Get creative shooting videos, mashing the university RSS feeds, creating gadgets, designing logo's and themes for my.westminster or creating sites to share with other students.

This is your chance to create and contribute to social and/or academic life of the university. There is also a £15,000 prize fund! Individual entries can win between £300 - £1,500 per entry.

It's already started .... The deadline for submission of entries is 3rd January 2010. The deadline for voting is 3rd January 2010. Winners will be announced in January 2010.  Judging will be made across the novelty and ingenuity of the idea, the contribution to student life and the implementation. Popularity and download information will also be used.

Here! Now!

TWOLER Competition Workshops
Come join us at the many TWOLER competition workshops.
From Oct 12 - Nov 20th 2009

Every Monday         5pm - 6pm | Regent St | Room G.04
Every Wednesday   4pm -5pm | Marylebone | IT Help Desk, Basement
Every Thursday       1pm - 2pm | New Cavendish St | IT Help Desk, Ground Floor
Every Friday           1pm - 2pm | Harrow | Library Training Room
Every Friday           4pm - 5pm | Regent St | Room G.04

Contact Charles Glancey for more details.
Attend 5 sessions in total and get £25!