- Course links not displaying on your Macintosh?

Are you sure you are using the right browser for the MAC operating system that you have? Please check out the file below for information on what browsers are best to use on Macintosh computers.

- Having trouble opening pdf files on your Macintosh?

Try the following:

Go to and download.  Do not worry if it seems that there is a cost.  Look for the ‘educational’ use – which is free.

- Mac OS Lion & Blackboard

Apple’s recent release of the new operating system OS Lion 10.7, provides Mac users with powerful tools and features. However, there are drawbacks to Lion when using Blackboard. The problem is not a Blackboard issue but rather an Adobe Acrobat issue. When viewing PDF documents from the Safari 5.1 browser you will get a Missing Plugin notice. In order to overcome this issue you can use Google Chrome. Hopefully Adobe will soon solve this issue allowing Lion and Safari users to view PDF documents.

Download Google Chrome

Gunter Saunders,
Oct 12, 2011, 10:23 AM