FAQs Students

Listed below are some of the most commonly posed questions from students. A more extensive and searchable bank of FAQs can be accessed on the Blackboard website* at: http://help.blackboard.com/student/index.htm

*Please note that not all of the FAQs on the Blackboard site will apply to the installation of Blackboard used by the University of Westminster.

Q. What do I do if I can’t login to Blackboard?

A. Contact the FIXIT helpdesk. Details of how to do this and how to log a call can be found on this web page:


Q. What do I need to have to be able to access Blackboard 9.1

A. You will need a PC or a Macintosh, internet connection and web browser. With those and your university computing username and password you will be able to access Blackboard 9.1 from anywhere and at any time. The following browsers are all recommended with Blackboard 9.1 – Firefox 3.6
Internet Explorer 8
Safari 4
Firefox 3.5
Internet Explorer 7

You may have issues with other browsers like IE 9 or Firefox 4, safari 5 and Chrome 4-9

You can also access Blackboard using a range of mobile devices and the Blackboard Mobile Learn App. Mobile devices supported include Android™, iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, BlackBerry® and Palm® webOS™. For further information visit: https://sites.google.com/a/staff.westminster.ac.uk/new-blackboard/blackboard-mobile-learn

Please note use of Blackboard on a mobile device may incur charges from your mobile device provider unless you are on an unlimited data plan or have access to a wireless network.

Q. Are there any help guides for students that explain how to use Blackboard 9.1?

A. Blackboard has a dedicated resource centre that has a number of video guides that walk students through many of the tools that Blackboard offers.

The Blackboard 'On Demand Centre' for students is located at:


There are also some basic guides for students accessible from this webpage:


Q. Are there any help guides for students that explain how to use Turnitin through Blackboard 9.1?

There is an online guide for students at: https://turnitin.com/static/resources/documentation/turnitin/training/Blackboard_Integration_Student_Manual.pdf

Q. Why can’t I see my course menu when I view an announcement from the Welcome tab?

A. If you click on an announcement from the Welcome tab in Blackboard, this only takes you into the Announcements area of the course. It does not take you into the actual Course itself and so you will not see the usual Course Menu on the left.

To enter the Course, you will need to access it via the Welcome tab, under ‘My Courses’.

Q. Why is there no link to one of the modules that I am taking on my Blackboard Welcome page?

A. The most likely explanation is that you are not registered for that module on the student record system (SRS). You can check your module registration status on SRSWeb. If you find you are not registered for the module that is missing on your Blackboard welcome page then you should visit your School’s Registry Office and ask to be registered for the module. Once registered for the module on SRS the information will filter through to Blackboard within 24 hours.

Q. Where is the announcement that my Instructor has posted?

A. There are two types of announcements in Blackboard, ‘Permanent’ and ‘non-permanent’. Permanent announcements will always be at the top of the list. Non-permanent announcements will be listed in date order beneath the permanent ones.

So when viewing announcements in Blackboard, scroll down the page as recent announcements may appear beneath older ones.

Q. How can I find out more about Blackboard Mobile?

A. Start by looking at the information/guides available on the Westminster student Blackboard Mobile website at:


Q. How do I print a file from Blackboard?

A. If you’re using Internet Explorer, right click on the file name, which should be shown in underlined text, and select ‘Print Target’.

If you’re using Firefox, right click on the file name, select ‘Save Link As’ and save the file on your PC. Open the file and then use the file menu to print.

Q. Why does my e-mail open when I try to read a Discussion Board thread?

A. To read a Discussion Board thread in Blackboard, you need to click on the title of the thread. Clicking on the name of the person who submitted the thread will open your e-mail client instead.

Q. What is the difference between a Turnitin assignment and an assignment?

A. A Turnitin assignment is submitted through Blackboard to your tutor via the Turnitin system where the assignment is checked for possible plagiarism. A standard Blackboard assignment is submitted only to the Blackboard system for collection by your tutor.

Q. I thought I had submitted my assignment, test or survey but my lecturer says that I haven't. What might have happened?

A. When you reach the end of a test, survey or the assignment submission page you are shown two buttons to continue.

  1. "Save" - Clicking this button saves your answers so far but does not submit them to your lecturer.
  2. "Submit" - Clicking this button actually submits your test, survey or assignment to your lecturer.

If you think that you have submitted your test, survey or assignment but the lecturer says that you haven't, it is most likely that you have pressed the "save" button by mistake. Login into Blackboard and then submit to solve this issue.

Q. Can I submit an assignment after the due date?

A. Blackboard will allow you to submit an assignment after the due date and will notify your lecturer that it was a late submission. What this means in terms of your grade is governed by module policy. Please contact your lecturer for more information.