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WFD Maturity Toolkit

posted 2 Nov 2010, 06:22 by Unknown user

We have some new WFD Maturity Toolkit resources available via the Cloudworks site - see

JISC WELL Benefits Realisation: Collaboration and Support.

posted 12 Oct 2010, 07:41 by Unknown user   [ updated 2 Nov 2010, 06:21 ]

The Project Team attended a cross programme event at Birmingham in May where they presented a poster on iWoBLE project. At that meeting initial contact was made with the University of Bradford and this has led on to the Benefits Realisation Project led by Bradford (WELL) and with Westminster as a partner. Our BR CAMEL Project Team is currently working on a WFD Maturity Toolkit (within JISC’s Institutional Innovation programme - Benefits Realisation Small Project Funding).

The Maturity Toolkit would be developed as a collaborative project between the following HEIs working in a mentioned CAMEL cohort: The University of Bradford, Middlesex University, Craven College, ELRAH, UWIC, University of Westminster (iWoBLE), Support and synthesis team.


The ‘toolkit’ should work at institutional, faculty and programme levels and would include:

  • A defined process/ methodology for using the maturity toolkit (to include working in CAMEL cohorts)
  • A range of maturity criteria, level statements and indicators which will work at institutional, local (e.g. faculty/School) level and programme level.
  • Guidelines for using the toolkit (including within CAMEL groups).
  • Templates to support evidence collection, analysis and reporting
  • Sector resources (e.g. papers, other toolkits, best practice guides, links etc.)

First Elluminate session has been successfully completed. A photo documenting the Elluminate meeting is attached here.

Online Cloudworks are also in use, where projects can co-ordinate input from the sector:

For more information please refer to WELL project weblog:


Members of the iWoBLE project team will be attending the Festival of Assemblies to be held in Oxford on the 20th October 2010, where paired with WELL project we'll be working together on the issues related to our projects.



ASET - The UK's annual Placement and Employability Professionals’ Conference

posted 5 Oct 2010, 08:08 by Unknown user   [ updated 8 Oct 2010, 08:12 ]

The iWoBLE Team (Magda and Jac) visited the University of Leicester in West Midlands, where we had a very successful presentation (some of the slides are attached here) and a mini workshop session on the current issues in the sector of work-based and placement learning and employability. Following the presentation, we managed to engage all the participants in an informative, integrative and playful interaction where they've been asked to think like a placement student or academic and after a short but reflective conversation fill out a simple questionnaire form in order to record particular impressions related to technology enhanced work-based learning and user experience. It was really interesting and rewarding to see a very high level of engagement and serious focus on the provided topic within our workshop group.


The 2010 Conference was held at the Gilbert Murray Hall, Oadby Campus between 7 and 9 September 2010. This ASET Conference was sponsored by QuantumIT, who were presenting their InPlace software programme through a workshop at the Conference. For more details about inPlace please refer to Indeed, ASET is a very important event for all academic and administrative placement staff.

JIF2010 Conference

posted 31 Jul 2010, 04:31 by Gunter Saunders

I attended the JIF 2010 conference last week and met a few other people interested in trying to engage employers/mentors more in the use of technology for student work experience programmes. Jac and I have already arranged to go to see Richard Jones at Buckinghamshire New University on the 16 September to talk about how our two respective projects can work together.

Our Second Year

posted 31 Jul 2010, 04:27 by Gunter Saunders

This is the Project's new blog for our second year of work. There have been many changes. The project has a new Project Manager - Jac Steinmetz (our mentoring expert) and also the BEIU office has recently welcomed a new Placements Co-ordinator (Iram Sial). Iram is very keen to work with the project and is looking to us to help make changes to the way in which the Placement programme is managed.
First off, in the second year of operating, students on Placement will have to do certain things online. This is a positive step forward and we hope will mean that we see greater activity within the virtual environments we have set up.

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