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Health & Safety

Fire procedures
You are expected to:
-Familiarise yourself with the evacuation assembly point for the buildings in which you are working. Details are on the Fire Action notices (to be found alongside each fire alarm call point) and on notices showing a map of the premises and surrounding area.
-Proceed to the assembly points during fire drills and do not stand outside main entrances and other exit points as this causes an obstruction to the public outside and other persons trying to leave the building.
-Stop work immediately if a fire alarm is activated, and leave the classroom; laboratory, etc., and follow the emergency exit signs which will lead to the nearest fire exit. (These signs have white lettering and arrows on a green background).


Smoking is not permitted on University premises except in designated smoking areas determined by the Key Managers responsible for premises. Any person seen smoking outside of a designated smoking area will be requested to stop and directed to the nearest smoking area. Offenders may be subject to the published University disciplinary procedures.