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               Foods and Nutrition I                     3rd quarter


This course is an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition, wellness, and food preparation. The focus of the

course is centered on healthy food and lifestyle choices. The general goal is to enhance student awareness in regards to

personal food choices and physical activity, The overall goal for all levels of the foods program is to enhance student

knowledge of food choices and to motivate students to actually improve their choices.


Food for Today. Glenco Publishing Co.


At the conclusion of this 9-week course, students should be able to:

  • Describe and understand the factors that influence food choices.

  • Explain and implement the MyPlate when planning healthy meals and snacks.

  • Explain the nutrient benefits of a variety of foods to their health throughout their lifespan.

  • Describe safety and sanitation practices used in food preparation.

  • Describe food terminology and proper measuring while demonstrating basic food preparation techniques in the kitchen.

  • Describe and demonstrate proper food storage.


There will be numerous opportunities to earn points this quarter. This includes points for quizzes, classwork, projects and labs. The breakdown of evaluation include:

  • Cooking Labs (25% of grade) Students will work in a group and be evaluated as a group.

  • Midterm Exams (25% of grade) There will be two midterms.

  • Projects (20 % of grade) In groups or individually there will be two class projects.

  • Quiz (15% of grade) There will be a quiz at the end of each unit.

  • Homework (15% of grade) There will be 1 – 3 assignments each unit.

Total points earned from the course assessments will be used to compute your grade using the SHS grading scale. 

 100 – 90% = A, 89 – 80% = B, 79 – 70% = C, 69 – 60% = D, 59 – 0% = F

  • In class assignments and homework assignments are due the day it is due. Late work is not accepted.

  • Work will be accepted up until the start of the next school day.

  • No work will be accepted past the last day of the quarter.

  • Projects must be submitted by the due date and time. Class projects are designed to be cooperative, if cooperation is not apparent alternative assessments will be assigned.

  • Grades will be averaged and posted weekly on Progressbook. Students and parents may check this on the Internet. Students may discuss their individual progress, after class as needed with the teacher.

  • All class assignments, labs and assessments will be posted on Mrs. Baumberger's website.


The following is a general outline, subject to change.

Course Preassessment / Introduction to FCCLA

Unit #1 How Food Affects Life - Begin FCCLA to the Table project

Unit #2 MyPlate and Nutrition - Nutrient project – Digital presentation

Unit #3 Safeguard Your Family's Health, Choosing Kitchen Appliances and Utensils, Recipes and Basic Lab Skills. Bar Cookie Lab

Midterm Exam

Unit #4 Fruits, Fruit Lab

Unit #5 Vegetables, Vegetable Lab

Unit #6 Dairy Products, Dairy Lab

Unit #7 Baking and Quick Breads, Quick Bread Lab

Unit# 8 Cakes, Cookies and Pie, CakeLab, Cookie Lab and Pie Lab

End of Course Online Exam

Nutrition And Wellness Project presentations

Midterm Exam


There is a $20 fee for this course. This is used to purchase all the groceries and consumable cooking supplies during the quarter. Students need to have this fee paid in the high school office ASAP. A 10 point “coupon” will be given to students whose fees are paid by January 16, 2015.

Students will also have an opportunity to earn 10 point “coupons” by donating consumable supplies to the FCS department.

Knowledge is the foundation. Discover. Experience. APPLY

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