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Class Syllabi

Chemistry I


All chemistry notes, lecture videos, labs, worksheets, and a calendar outlining what you will be doing each day is available at

Flipped Classroom

In chemistry we will be following the flipped classroom model of instruction.  You will watch videos of my lectures, read, and study notes for homework.  In class we will work problems, complete worksheets, and do labs so Mr. Kurtzman is available to help if you have questions.  Each class period will start will a time for you to ask questions over the lectures and reading.  We will have quizzes to insure you are watching the lecture videos and reading at home.

Grading Scale

90% or above A

80 to 89% B

70% to 79% C

60% to 69% D

Below 60% F

Make-up Assignments

Labs must be made up immediately.

Extra Help

Mr. Kurtzman is available mornings at 7:15 AM in room C130.

Lab Work

You will be doing many labs in chemistry. It is very important that you follow instructions and stay focused on the task at hand. Be sure to follow the safety precautions that you are told by the instructor. Horseplay will not be tolerated.

Lab equipment will be available in marked drawers or cabinets around the chemistry lab. You are responsible for keeping the equipment clean and returning it to the proper storage area. You are also responsible for handling the equipment with care. Students breaking glassware due to horseplay or not following instruction will be charged for the glassware. Be sure you are on task and paying attention to safety when you are in the lab.


We will cover a great deal of material in chemistry and you must be in class to master the material. You will have two opportunities to leave the classroom using the hall pass for the semester. Students who do not use the hall pass will receive 10 bonus points for the semester.


You will be using the textbook Prentice Hall Chemistry. You will have almost daily reading assignments from the textbook. The assignments can be found on the Chemistry I Calendar at The information from the reading assignments may appear on the test.


Calculators are recommended for chemistry class. Only the mathematics functions on graphing calculators may be used for tests and quizzes.

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