Pickerington Local School District moved from a vision of how education should look to the reality of an entirely new approach to learning. The school district has developed an Integration Model at the 1-6 level to create learning environments in our schools in which art, music, physical education/ wellness, and technology/media are infused with reading, math, science, and social studies content.
The Integration Model is based on research that states that students need integrated learning environments to help them develop 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity and innovation.

Integration Teams (consisting of art, music, physical education, media, and technology specialists), in partnership with school faculty, will collaborate, plan, deliver, and facilitate learning through the creation of dynamic and interactive lesson plans.  Students will be challenged with real work situations, placing emphasis on the child’s development and the importance of exploration rather than discovery.

The Goals of the program include increased literacy and academic success, an inventive and skilled workforce, improved health and wellbeing, enhanced social and academic development, and cultural understanding. 

Questions or Comments?  Please email:  Mary Sheridan