High School of Business

The High School of Business program started at Leipsic High School in 2008 with four courses offered to freshmen (Leadership/Wealth Management) and sophomores (Principles of Business/Business Economics). Three years later in 2011 the first completers of the program graduated. Since that time, a total of 27 students have successfully completed the program. This might seem like a small number, yet that's 12% of the graduates between 2011-2013 who have benefited from the only college-prep business administration program in the state. More high school grads major in business than any other major and this program is designed to prepare them to succeed in post-secondary institutions, like Bowling Green State University. Watch this video as 2012 LHS grad and HBS completer, Lynn Rader (middle), talks about the benefits of HSB:

YouTube Video

A total of eight courses are offered at LHS:  Leadership, Wealth Management, Principles of Business, Business Economics, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Management, Principles of Finance, and Business Strategies. To find out more about each course, please follow the links at the top of the page.

High School of Business is a program of MBAResearch and Curriculum Center. Visit our website to learn more about this accelerated business administration program for high schools.

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