What is Design Thinking?
Design Thinking is defined as human-centered problem solving with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, 
and empathy.

What is a GT Design Thinking Badge?

A GT Design Thinking Badge is a symbol of an accomplishment earned in the Old Settlers GT Design Thinking Lab.

How do I earn a GT Design Thinking Badge?

Old Settlers GT Design Thinking Badges are earned by completing DISCOVER, DESIGN, and SHARE challenges in the GT Cluster classroom, at home or in the GT classroom.  Our challenges are inspired by Stanford University Institute of Design's approach to innovation education, developing independent learning and design process skills that produce creative solutions to meet human needs. 

What are Discover, Design, and Share Challenges?

Ask questions and research information about your design challenge and its human connection to deepen empathy, knowledge, and understanding needed for great ideas and solutions. 
Using your new knowledge, generate ideas, develop prototypes, test, practice, evaluate, redesign, and finally create a product that meets your design challenge and its human connection in a creative and innovative way. 
Share your ideas and thinking with others to gain insight and make improvements to your ideas, prototypes, and product. 
Once your final product is ready, publish and earn your GT Design Thinking badge!
Oct 22, 2015, 12:48 PM