Graduate Profile

More information about this coming soon!  Students need to include work in their ePortfolio that shows evidence of the graduate profile skills:  effective communication, problem solving, and self-direction. 

LISD graduates will be:

Effective Communicators who can read, write, listen, speak, and interact with diverse audiences and medium. 

            Therefore, students can:

·      use a variety of medium to acquire, synthesize and communicate knowledge

·      express learning through varied formats to reach diverse audiences

·      evaluate and adapt communication methods and message according to the needs of the listener

Problem Solvers who use critical thinking skills to confidently make judgments and persist when faced with challenges and obstacles.

                 Therefore, students can:

·      evaluate information to make informed decisions

·      demonstrate persistence and adapt to challenges

·      develop, create, and implement solutions to solve problems

Self-Directed Learners who take the initiative to identify a need, question or idea, develop and execute an approach, monitor results and reflect on the outcome.

                 Therefore, students can:

·      identify, prioritize, and focus on the appropriate task at hand

·      manage resources effectively

·      reflect on the impact of choices and decisions