7th & 8th Grade Men's Uniform

Uniforms for formal concerts and competitions are a black shirt, black tux pants, and red tie for the guys.

The uniforms have already been purchased, and will be checked out before the first concert.

Parts of the Uniform:

    • This uniform has 3 separate parts:
      • Black button up shirt
      • Black tuxedo pants
      • Red tie
    • Choir department owns these, they will be checked out like a textbook. They are expected to be returned.


    • Your choir fee of $20.00 covers any repairs that need to be made to the uniform (busted out zippers, popped off buttons, etc.), and to purchase extra uniforms if needed.
    • If for any reason you do not return your uniform, or it is not returned in good condition, you will need to pay $85.00 for its replacement.

Shoes and Socks:

    • Black dress shoes are REQUIRED, and must be worn.
    • Absolutely NO athletic shoes can be used.
    • You MUST wear black socks


    • No jewelry, including necklaces and earrings


    • If the pants checked out are too long, they will need to be hemmed at your own expense. THE MATERIAL MUST NOT BE CUT!
    • Hem length will need to be 1 inch from the floor without shoes, barefooted.
    • Use a blind stitch or a whip stitch (if your sewing machine does not have these kinds of stitches, hem by hand) – DO NOT USE LIQUID STITCH.
    • The material is synthetic, if you are going to iron use LOW HEAT.
    • Iron inside out if ironing the hem and do not crease the hem line
    • Do not use DUCT TAPE!!! It ruins the material.
    • If for some reason your pants needs to be altered, it must be able to return to its original state. Baste only.

Care and Cleaning:

    • The uniform is being checked out just like a textbook. It will need to be returned in good condition.
    • Students will be responsible for dry cleaning their uniform at the end of the year and returning it in the plastic dry cleaner’s bag with the receipt attached.
    • Turning your uniform in on time is extremely important. Uniforms have to be inventoried and stored before school lets out.

Uniforms for informal concerts, performances, and outings are the Longhorn Choir T-Shirt, long blue jeans, and tennis shoes. See 6th Grade Uniform for further details.