Future Member

To Our Future Longhorns!

We are so glad that you stopped by our choir website! Please feel free to look around for a while! In these pages, you will find information about our program, made up of over 120 students. Our choirs are consistently recognized as Superior, Best in Class, and Grand Champions in competitions throughout Texas. Individually, students are frequent winners of Superior ratings at Solo & Ensemble, and selections to the All-Region and All-State Choirs.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram at @lamarchoir and Twitter at @lamarsings, where you will find many pictures and videos of choir concerts and social events throughout the year.

We hope that you will find our website to be helpful, but if you or your parents have any questions about how choir can be a part of your middle school career, please feel free to e-mail us at any time! We hope to see you next August as the newest member of our choir family!

Abigail Tusant

Director of Choral Education

Lamar Middle School

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Be In Choir?

Our choirs consist of singers of all different abilities. Choir offers endless opportunities for friendships that will last a lifetime. Your day is hard enough. Why not put something you love to do in your schedule...join choir!

Be a part of excellence!

You have to choose an elective anyway!

You must choose an elective in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade...why not take something that you can have fun doing.

Go cool places!

In choir, we take trips and field trips to lots of fun places for fun, concerts and contests!

We also have parties through out the year!

Can I be involved in other activities like sports, theatre, art, etc.?

Of course! You control your own destiny. If you want to participate in more than one elective, first check with your counselor. If you're worried about conflicts, don't! Most students in choir are enrolled in several activities both inside and outside of school.

What kind of music will we perform?

In choir, we don’t just sing the traditional “boring” stuff. While at LMS, choir members sing a wide variety of music ranging from classical and jazz to pop and world music. In choir, we like to have fun!

How much does it cost?

Participating in choir is relatively inexpensive, with most costs going to pay for uniforms, choir t-shirts, etc. Don’t let the financial aspect of choir keep you away from singing. Arrangements can always be made.

How do I sign up?

Select choir as your #1 choice on your elective sheet...it's that simple! During the first week of school I'll start off by getting to know you and finding out about your past experiences in music. Then, I’ll check your range. This is nothing to worry about…it's quick and painless. Students will be placed in their respective choir based on their gender and grade. All students are accepted into a choir, regardless of past singing experience. For more information on our choirs, check out the Longhorn Choirs page.