Resources for Research


WolframAlpha,  is a computational knowledge engine, that now integrates for free into Google Docs and Google Sheets.

 What will WolframAlpha help me do? This program is strongest in math computation. It performs high level mathematical equations. The number is expressed in several ways from mathematically to visually. Several recently added options cover topics in chemistry, physics, step by step solutions, socioeconomic data, geography, engineering, etc...


Google Add-ons

Please note:  Tools like SAS Writing Reviser require parent’s approval for activation for students under 18 years of age.

How do I get add-ons?

    1.  Open a Google Doc,
    2. Click on add-ons, drop down and select get add-ons
    3.  Follow the wizard for installation

Some Add-on Options:

    •  EasyBib
    • Thesaurus
    • Google images (These are filtered and may be closed for young students)
    •  Fonts (amazing!)
    • WolframAlpha
Lewisville ISD Library Databases

 Lewisville ISD has purchased databases for our students and teachers.  This site will be updated soon and the link may change.  
Direct path information: – resources – for students - Bookmarks for Research. 
Each campus has an expert in the field
of research and digital literacy. Visit your library media specialist for assistance

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