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Class Procedures

Class Expectations: Read Expectations for Behavior and Safety
Leaving Class
Plan to leave class as little as possible -- no more 2 times a week so that we can maintain a learning environment. We will have brain breaks each day. 

You must get permission from a teacher  (FILL OUT THE SLIP IN BOX O before asking) before you leave.
Please, put on your ID).  Failure to do so will result in the inability to leave for the next week.

Complete ABSENT Form found in Box A
Were you ABSENT? Use this form for tracking Make Up Work - send yourself a copy of the form

Complete TUTORING Form
Do you need some Tutoring? Use this for scheduling tutoring - send yourself a copy of the form
TUES: 7:40-8:00  WEDNESDAY  & THURSDAY: 3:30 - 4:00

ALL STUDENTS: Bring a box of tissues with lotion
LAST NAME: A - H: Box of 8 or more Colored Markers and 1 box of Small non-latex gloves
LAST NAME: I - Q: Box of 8 or more Colored pencils and 1 box of Medium non-latex gloves
LAST NAME: R - Z: Scotch tape and 1 box of Large non-latex gloves

-------WISH LIST--------------
100% silicon caulk for bottle biomes and caulk guns
any aquarium supplies and tanks - 
We always need aquariums and aquarium equipment. Please consider our class before you get rid of any aquarium supplies.