Important Information
Lunchtime visitors

Parents are always welcome to come and eat with their child, except on official Texas Assessment days.  Please limit the number of times you come to eat with your child as lunch time is an opportunity for your child to learn and develop necessary social skills and relationships with their peers.  Parent accompanied lunches should be special and valued.  Lunch guests may sit with their student at the red tables in the center of the cafeteria.  Per policy, no other students should be brought to the red tables.

** Upon arrival, please check in at the front office.

2013-2014 Meal Benefits Application
Click on the link below to complete the
 Meal Application form for your child.
Qualifying for meal benefits through the NSLP also opens the door to other opportunities for CCISD. We are able to offer no cost or reduced cost services such as tutoring and tuition for summer school program. Clear Creek ISD receives federal funding based on the number of children who qualify for this program. An increase in federal funding will benefit all students on your campus.
What's for Lunch?

Click on the link below to see the current breakfast and lunch menus! 

Cafeteria Rules
Please review our cafeteria rules below.  Students who are unable to follow the rules will receive a conduct mark and may be moved to a different location, or the front office, to finish their lunch.  If misbehavior continues, students may be given a new permanent seat  in the cafeteria.
Birthday Treats
Due to FDA regulations, birthday treats may not be served in the cafeteria.  Please arrange a time, outside of lunch,  with your student's teacher for treats to be served.
Please do not send cake or cupcakes as a birthday treat.  Cookies, fruit, fruit cups, or fruit snacks are allowable treats.
*** Goforth Elementary allows students to have birthday treats during recess.  Many classes have recess immediately following lunch.  Treats brought to school after recess may be not be given to students until the following school day.
What time is lunch?
Please click on the file below to see what time your student's class goes to lunch
* On Early Release, Holiday Feast, and state testing days lunch times may vary.  Please check with your student's teacher for lunch times these days.
2013-2014 Meal Pricing
Student: $1.00
Reduced Student: $0.30
Adult Visitor: $1.50
Student: $2.00
Reduced Student: $0.40
Adult/ Visitor: $2.70
Deposit money into your student's account online!


ParentOnline is the meal payment system used at Clear Creek ISD. ParentOnline gives parents and guardians the ability to:

  1. Deposit money into their student(s) meal account.
  2. Restrict their student(s) a la carte meal purchases.
  3. Receive email notifications when their student’s meal account balance falls below a specified dollar amount.
For more information please visit:
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