Smart, Christopher

Mr. Smart  

7th Grade Texas History Class

 Conference Period:
 Voicemail:  Tutorial Days:  Mon.-Fri. 9:00-9:45  281-284-8101  Mon-Wed, Fri 8:15 to 8:45

Class Announcements:
Your student will be taking their End of Nine Weeks Exam on Monday, March 3 in class. It will consist of 25 multiple choice questions. A study guide will not be provided for this exam but they have items that they can use to help them study. I wanted to list the topics that will be covered on this exam:
1. Texas and US Constitution (use VENN diagram completed in class) Textbook 182-183
2. US/Mexican War ( Review DBQ) Textbook 241-244
3. Compromise of 1850-Textbook 248
4.Presidents of the Republic-Book made in class and Textbook 210-226
5. Treaties of Velasco-Book Made in class and Textbook 199-201
6. Texas Statehood-Textbook 238-240
7. Annexation of Texas-Textbook 226
Class Homework:
Student are not given homework very often in class. I try to keep homework to a minimum. Since I do not give much homework, I expect them to have it completed on the due date.

Link to Causes of the Revolution PPT  Videos will not play due to copyright issues. If needed, student will need to attend a morning tutorial to watch videos.

Link to Google Earth Texas Battlefield Tour   This is a "kmz" file that will not launch automatically.   You will need google earth downloaded onto your computer.  Then, you will need to click on the link above and open the google document then click "file" "download" "save" then "open".  When you click "open" google earth will launch tour.