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This site served as the professional learning and networking site for the Academy School District 20 21st Century Cadre, 2009-10.  Feel free to explore our ideas and share your own!

Topic 8: Change

Learning to Change-Changing to Learn

Our Essential Question: What elements of classroom culture and practice are essential for 21st century learning, and how can I apply them ?

The final topic for you to explore as a cadre is the concept of change.  From the beginning of the cadre, we have been hinting at change, through the topics of motivation, developing a culture of inquiry, democratic classrooms, innovation, and gaming. Certainly some of the big ideas we carried away from the conferences, if fully implemented, will represent some significant changes for many of us.  Some would say these topics don’t represent significant change. We’ve seen it all come around at some point in time in the education arena. This won’t be any different. Truth? …or resistance.

Change is hard. Change requires support. Change is a fact of life.  We have little control over how rapidly our world is changing. Perhaps that is why we hold on to things we can control.

Wherever you are in your thinking, I hope you will explore some of the resources below with an open mind, and then actively participate in a dialogue with fellow cadre members here on our PLN site. 


Seth Godin “Stop Stealing DreamsEducation Manifesto,  Please read at least Sections 1-4  (pp. 1 – 9) What do you think is the purpose of education?  Does it guide your work as a teacher?

Will Richardson’s “My Kids are Illiterate. Chances Are, Yours Are Too.” Do you agree?  Do you think your colleagues would agree?

Will Richardson’s “For the Love of Learning.” (See forum question below)

 “Why Schools Should Try Things Not “Research-Based.” By Ray McNulty, a founder of the International Center for Leadership in Education.  Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Student’s Own Interests Will Drive the School Day of the Future – An interview with Steve Midgley, Deputy Director, US Department of Education,  Education Technology –Does this seem possible to you?

Real Reform Begins with Raising Expectations, By David Britten, Superintendent, Godfrey Lee Public Schools.  

Think About It: Educational Origami’s Managing Complex Change  Are we lacking any of these 6 elements of change? If so, how do we address it? How can we move forward with educational change in order to better prepare our students for the future?

Watch (links fixed 4/27)

RSA Animate ChangingEducation Paradigms – Sir  Ken Robinson. 

“We don’t know what to give up. We want to teach the new 21st Century skills, but we don’t want to give up any of the previous 20 centuries of knowledge. The day has just 24 hours; there’s no time to teach everything.” Would you agree? Watch Paulo Blikstein, assistant professor at the Stanford School of Education’s TED Talk “One Fabrication Lab per School: the FabLab@School project

EducationalChange Challenge 

Forum Questions (please respond in forum)

1. What will you give up?

2. Transformation or Reformation?

3. 6 Elements of Change: What Are We Lacking?

4. Change: Abrupt or Gradual?


Create a blog post reflecting on the change you believe needs to happen in education, the role you need to play in bringing about that change, and the support you need to make it happen.

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