How will we know they have learned?

After determining what we want our students to learn, we needed a system for evaluating whether or not students had learned the Power Standards. As mentioned on the Power Standards page, grade-level teachers mapped out how and when the identified skills would be taught and assessed across grades 6-12. Then, these teachers (operating in the role of instrument specialists) selected melodic etudes that met these criteria from the lesson materials at the different grade levels. That process generated the following document:


The first tab, Assessments, show the specific assessments for each instrument in each grade at each six week grading period. Technique Builders are exercises we developed in a variety of key signatures. SIC refers to Student Instrumental Course. Rubank refers to Rubank Advanced Volume 1.

The second tab, by Grade, shows the directions the different grade-level teachers left for finding assessments that met the Power Standards for their grade level. You can see this is still a work-in-progress document as we work to choose assessments that actually evaluate the specific skills for each instrument at each grade.

Students are evaluated summatively once every six weeks using rubrics we developed based off of solo and ensemble ballots: