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School Closures Due to Weather

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The School will be closed on Monday 29/11/2010, and Tuesday 30/11/2010 due to the bad weather.  The School will now remain closed for the rest of this week.
Pease check back for more updates, and watch out for texts from the school.


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Stackallen National School
The site for the 'Old School' at Stackallen was obtained from Viscount Boyne in 1833.

Stackallen National School 1840

The stone plaque inserted in the front of the building reads as follows;

Michael Leahy N.T. who taught in Stackallen School for over 34 years and taught previously in Grangegeeth for about 8 years and retired recently spent much time and energy gathering most of the material for this most interesting, memorable, and worthwhile book. We as a community are indebted to Michael in particular, and to all of those other people involved in putting the book together. To learn more about the book click on the links below.

Teachers Down the years...

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Teachers Down the Years

Boy's School

Patrick Doran
He was the first teacher in Stackallen National School. A native of Kilskear, he was under 20 years when first appointed. He began on an annual salary of £8 and by the year 1854 he was earning £20 per annum. He taught before, during and after the Great Famine.

Thomas McCann
Appointed Principal in 1856. He left on 22/4/1858.

John Gogarty
Appointed on 25/4/1858. He resigned on 25/6/1860. He had an assistant teacher
named Mr Cussey. K Kellett was appointed assistant teacher on 18/9/1859 and left on 16/7/1860.

P Brady
Appointed in 1861.

John Moley (Morley)
Succeeded Mr Brady. He was Principal until 1868.

Thomas Reilly
Appointed Principal on 6/11/1868 and resigned on 23/4/1869.

Thomas Harnan
Appointed Principal on 4/10/1869. He resigned on 1/1/1872.

Edward Connolly
Appointed Principal on 1/2/1872. It was during Mr Connolly's reign that Micheal Cusack, Founder of the G.A.A. visited the school. Edward died at the age of 55 years, leaving a widow and seven children. A number of his children followed in their father's footsteps and worked in the teaching profession. His daughter Kate became a monitor in Stackallen School. Thomas was also teaching as a monitor at Stackallen School. He emigrated to Canada and became a teacher and lecturer. Matthew seemed to have been a successful man. Having served as a monitor at Stackallen School, he emigrated to London where he received an O.B.E from King George. Mr Connolly's son Michael began his career as a monitor in Stackallen School before becoming a national teacher in Dangan School.

Joseph Smyth
Succeeded as Principal on the death of Mr. Connoly in 1890. He married Miss Elizabeth Elms, the principal of the girl's school and so one family occupied both teachers' residences. His son Francis succeeded him as Principal.

Francis V. Smyth
Appointed Principal on 1/10/1924. His boys' school amalgamated with the girls' school
on 1/4/1928. Mrs Rose Anne Meade was then Principal of the girls' school. Mr Smyth
and Mrs Meade were first cousins. He died tragically on 28th November 1952. Miss Dilly Owens, his assistant teacher was left managing the whole school, upstairs and
downstairs until the appointment of a new principal.

Patrick O'Brien
Appointed principal on 16/12/1952. A native of Navan, Paddy was much loved and
admired by all in the locality. He was secretary of Navan Branch I.N.T.O. and worked tirelessly for the betterment of working conditions of his fellow teachers. In 1968
Creewood National School and Grangegeeth National school amalgamated with Stackallen to form a five teacher school. Mrs Bridget Kiernan and Miss Nora Walsh of Creewood and Michael Leahy of Grangegeeth joined the staff at Stackallen. Paddy O'Briens wife Eileen was appointed as assistant teacher on 7/9/1964. Paddy retired in 1982 and died on 24/1/1985.

James Bradley
Appointed Principal in 1982.

James Hoey 1984 - Present

Girls' School
The girl's school got off the ground in 1844. Mr E. Grainger submitted an application for the appointment of a Principal for this school on 1/5/1844. It was sited upstairs and continued there until amalgamation with the boys' school in 1928.

Stackallen Girls School 1924
1.Cissy Finnegan, 2. Lena Gerrard, 3.Maureen Sheran, 4. Una McKeever, 5. T. Donnellan, 6. Nancy Gerard, 7 Maureen Thompson, 8. Tessie Barnes, 9. Winnie Tighe, 10. Roseleen Cogan, 11. Julie Timmons, 12. Annie Amguire, 13. Dora Gerrard, 14. Kathy Briody, 15. Nancy McKeever, 16. Bridget Brady, 17. May Flood, 18. Kitty Flood, 19. Nancy Doggett, 20. Mary Grimes, 21. Evelyn Byrne, 22. Eileen McGrath, 23. Maggie Hanna, 24. Mary Brady, 25. Lily Maguire, 26. Helen Flood, 27. Kathy Tighe, 28. May Walsh, 29. Marrian Mcgrath, 30. Bridget Timmons, 31. Tess McCullagh, 32. Moyra Maguire, 33. Bridget Brady, 34. Lizzy Timmons, 35. Maureen Gerrard.

Ellen Brophy
She was appointed first Principal on 1/6/1844 on an annual salary of £8. Aged 26 at the time, she was a native of Moynalty and was taught for 4 years at Oldcastle. She was described as having highly satisfactory testimonials of fitness for her office. Maria Brophy was appointed assistant teacher in 1845. On 10/5/1850 an Inspector reports that Miss Brophy has resigned and the school closed as no successor had been appointed.

Margaret Molloy (Moley)
Appointed Principal on 8/7/1850 with an annual salary of £15. Margaret Molloy resigned on 18/2/1853.

Mary Hoey
Appointed Principal on 20/2/1854. She left on 23/6/1856.

Eliza Clayton
Appointed Principal on 7/7/1856. She had a long career at Stackallen and her relations followed in her footsteps. She married a Mr Elms in 27/2/1861 and continued on teaching until 1/10/1893 when she retired on an annual pension of £31-9s.-0d. Her daughter Elizabeth succeeded her.

Elizabeth Elms
Became Principal after her mother. Soon after her appointment she married Joseph Smyth, principal of the boys' school downstairs.

Rose Anne Doran
Appointed Principal on 1/4/1907. She held this office until amalgamation of the two schools in 1928. She had a long teaching career, having worked up to 1947. Her
husband's name was Thomas Meade. Mrs McGovern replaced Mrs. Meade on 1/10/1947 and she in turn replaced by Miss Dilly Owens on 1/5/1951. Thus ended the reign of female Principals in Stackallen National School.

Memories of the Old School...

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Memories of the Old School

Back L to R: Terry Brady, Paddy Smith, Alfred Smith, Gussie Brownwell, Eddie Corrigan
Middle: Willie Crinion, Tom Coogan, Jim Moore, Johnny Corrigan, Tommy Rowan.
Front: Dick Crinion, Chris Crinion, Art Crinion, Gerald Smyth, Jack Woods, Robbie Moore, Michael Smith.

Stackallen N.S Boys 1927
Back L to R:Eddy grimes, Michael Brady, Ray Cogan, Frank Walsh, Pat McGuire, Michael Keoghan, Jim Finnegan, Jim Kavanagh, Paddy Finnegan
Middle Row: Oliver Walsh, Harry Dogget, Bobby Norton, Kevin McGuire, Tommy Timmons, Phil Tighe, Tommy Walsh, Andy Finnegan.
Front Row: Paddy Norton, James Timmons, Noel Meade, Larry O' 'Brien, Michael Martin, Tom Hannagh

We only have limited "Stackallen Old School 1840" books left...

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Background to the book "Stackallen Old School 1840" being published

The book grew out of a project that the schoolchildren did some time ago for one of the national papers based on an important building in their locality. We felt there was no more important building than the Old School which has played such and integral part in so many lives in the area since 1840. To commemorate the new millennium it was decided to enlarge this project into a book and Michael Leahy N.T. who has taught in Stackallen since 1968 was asked to research the history of the school since its inception. So in many ways this is his book and we are indebted to him for his exhaustive work in collecting and sorting the large number of historical documents etc. from different sources. We are also grateful to those who shared their memories with us. As many replies to our questionnaires concerning the Old School gave very similar information we decided to take two samples in their entirety and include interesting elements from the rest.

Stackallen Old School 1840 - A HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL PUBLISHED 2001 is
available to buy from the school at €12.00 (inc. postage and packaging).

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