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Study Abroad Profile: Kyle McKiernan '12

Kyle McKiernan

Major(s): Social Science
Estimated Graduation Date
:  Graduated, May 2012
Course or Program:
 St. John’s Discover the World
Host Country:
 Spain, France, Italy
Length of Experience:
3 1/2 Months
Experience Overview:
Studying abroad with St. John’s University gave me the experience of a lifetime. Not knowing anyone else in the program, I met a lot of fun new people who I got to share 3 months with while traveling across Europe. The Discover The World Program is an excellent choice for students looking to study abroad because it gives you an opportunity to study in 3 different countries and experience 3 completely different cultures.

What is your career plan at this point in your education? How do
you think your international experience might affect your career, both
in the short- and long-term?


Studying abroad opened my eyes to a world I probably never would have been able to see. By combining my education and college experience with my desire to travel, I didn’t set back my graduation date and I was able to complete a full semester of college while traveling across Europe. Studying abroad allowed me to experience a variety of different cultures and made me a more well rounded individual who now knows aspects of a variety of cultures and made me more diverse in my beliefs. As I pursue my future career in law enforcement, I think that my study abroad experience will prove to be extremely beneficial since I have had the experience of interacting with so many different people and cultures while in Europe.

2.  Where did you go? When?


I did the St. John’s program from January-May of 2011. I studied in Salamanca, Spain, Paris, France, and Rome, Italy. I also traveled to Madrid, Portugal, Venice, Florence, Ireland, The Cinque Terre, The Netherlands, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Monte Carlo.

3.  Why did you pick the program and location?


I chose this program because it gave me the opportunity to study in 3 different countries and maximize my study abroad experience. I got to travel every weekend and because I studied in the 3 different countries, I was able to access other places with greater ease because of my locations.

4.  Would you recommend this location to another student and why?


I would definitely recommend this program to another student because the Discover The World program gives you the chance to participate in 3 unique learning experiences in 3 different countries. The program is well organized and run by a fun, helpful group of people both in New York and over in Europe. The program gives students the ability to continue their academic studies while also getting a unique European learning experience and the opportunity to travel at their will.

5.  What was your most memorable experience/day/moment?


My most memorable experience was when I was in Rome and we got to go to the Vatican to be in the Papal audience for the Popes mass. We were within feet of the Pope and we even got a personal shout out from him when he introduced the groups that attended the ceremony.

6.  What was the worst experience/day?


Sounds kind of cheesy, but the worst day was when I had to come home. I had made some really close friends that I didn’t know before the program that I am still in contact with today. Although I missed my family and I was excited to come back to the United States, the study abroad program gave me the experience of a lifetime. I was able to travel to so many different places and meet so many new people that I will never forget.

7.  What are the benefits of studying abroad? (Personal/ academic)


Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to open their eyes to a whole world that they may never get to experience if not through a study abroad program. Studying abroad allows students to continue with their college careers while combining it with the most unique traveling experience.

8.  What advice would you give to somebody considering studying abroad?


Do your research. Plan out where you want to go and what you want to see before actually going abroad. Also, make sure you plan out the money you will need to do all the traveling and purchasing that you will likely end up doing. Nothing is worse then wanting to buy something or travel somewhere and noticing that you didn’t budget your money and you cant afford it. This is the experience of a lifetime and most of us wont be able to do anything like it ever again so don’t hold back and just go for it!