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Lorena Perez '05 (B.A. Spanish, 7-12 Cert.)

Alumni Profiles

Lorena Perez graduated from STAC as a Spanish Major with a 7-12 concentration in 2005.  She has been teaching at North Rockland High School since 2004.  Like many teachers, Lorena started as a substitute, and then transitioned into a long-term substitute.   Finally, at the end of two years as a long-term substitute, she was offered a permanent position in the Spanish Department.  Here is a quick Q&A:

What were your favorite Spanish classes?

I loved all of my Spanish Classes.  I can’t forget Dr. Plasencia’s classic “Vamos a ver” and Dr. Koffler’s sweet voice teaching us about the History of Spain.

How did STAC prepare you for your career?

I remember the connection that I had with my professors at STAC.  Since it was such a small school, you ended up getting to know not only the students but the faculty.  Dr. Squillini was one of the professors I admired and respected the most.  With her kind words, she guided me through my student teaching.  I thank her right up to this day, and I still remember how dedicated she was in teaching us.  My professors were very supportive and understanding, as well as encouraging.  I also have fond memories of the Teacher Education office staff members.  A few years ago I had some questions and when I called, Lori still remembered me and was very helpful.

What are some of the lasting lessons you learned at STAC?

I learned many important lessons in STAC that apply to my classroom.  One of them is to offer the students “wait time” – and of course who can forget Sister Teresa, who taught us student-teacher protocol: how we should stand, what we could or could not say, very practical things like that.

Any advice you would like to share?

I like what George Burns said: “I look to the future because that’s where I am going to spend the rest of my life.”