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Greg Alves '10 (B.A. Spanish, 7-12 Cert.)

Greg Alves graduated from STAC as a Spanish Major with a 7-12 concentration in 2010.  Upon graduation, he received employment offers from two different school districts, and chose the better one: as a member of the Spanish Department at Middletown High School in Middletown, NY.  Here is a quick Q&A:

What were your favorite Spanish classes?

I really liked Spanish 210, where I really learned about the grammar of the language, and Spanish 313: The Short Story in Spanish America, where I was able to read stories that originated from a variety of countries in the Spanish speaking world.

How did STAC prepare you for your career?

In a few ways.  First, in taking my classes I learned everything that I am now able to use in my everyday work experience.  But also in my time at STAC I really grew into a more responsible student through working at the Center for Academic Excellence. 

What are some of the lasting lessons you learned at STAC?

I learned at STAC to always work your hardest and plan everything out, in fact to over plan your entire lesson so in the worst case scenario you have extra things for the students to do, but you will never find yourself unprepared.

Any advice you would like to share?

Work hard and do all that you can in college to make yourself a more attractive employee in the future, to make companies and schools want to hire you over all of the others out there, and take the time to learn from your professors and use their experiences to your benefit.

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