High School Extension Program

In today’s competitive educational environment, more and more high school students are getting a jump on their college careers by taking St. Thomas Aquinas College course work while still in high school. St. Thomas Aquinas College has articulation agreements with 15 high schools within the Rockland County area and beyond. The courses are college level and are accepted as direct transfer credit to St. Thomas Aquinas College and many other colleges and universities. Not only will you gain a “leg up” on honing your skills in preparation for college level course work, you’ll be gaining valuable college credit toward your eventual degree goals. If you are not planning on attending St. Thomas Aquinas College, be sure to check with the college of your choice to insure transfer of credit.

These courses are taught by qualified instructors from the local high schools (all have a Masters degree or higher in their respective field) and take place during the regular school day. Each and every semester, high school instructors submit copies of their course syllabi to our full-time faculty here on the main campus. This allows the faculty of St. Thomas Aquinas College to work closely with the high school instructors in order to insure the quality of all courses.

Current tuition for these courses is only $75 per credit (2015-2016 academic year ), as opposed to the regular $900 per credit here on the main campus. Also, textbooks are purchased by the host high school, making the courses even more affordable. Most courses follow the St. Thomas Aquinas academic semester schedule that lasts approximately 14 weeks. Therefore, it is possible to take course work during the Fall and Spring college semesters, adding to the credits earned, experience gained and value added!

St. Thomas Aquinas College courses within the local high schools are available to qualified seniors and exceptional high school juniors. Final decisions concerning enrollment is left to the host high school.