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I am glad you have visited my site for Non-Denominational Meditation. If you have been searching for a place to go to receive 'bare bones' instruction for meditation, without any sudden pressure of joining a lineage or tradition, you have arrived at the right place, and I will be happy to serve you. Non-Denominational Meditation (NDM) is simply instruction to learn the skill of sitting meditation and mindfulness practice with an experienced guide. It is the bare-bones practice by which a person can then apply the skill of meditation to their own life in whatever way they would find most suitable.

In my own desire to learn the skill of meditation I faced many challenges. First and foremost, I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is not a complaint against my home city, simply, Calgary is a much different kind of cultural experience. Growing up in the south west of the city, it could be considered a near miracle I ever discovered an interest in the skill at all, but eventually,  I also discovered that I was far from alone. I found several groups throughout the city, each offering meditation class, but usually, the acceptance of a lineage or tradition soon followed. Not yet ready for such a commitment, yet knowing fully I wanted to develop skill in mindfulness and meditation, I continued with several classes, and immersed myself in as much literature as possible. My experience to date, is what I can offer you, should you be in similar shoes: curious about meditation, but not yet ready to make a full 'leap of faith.'

Toward that end, I do think faith and religion are important things to examine in ones life. How you do that is truly up to you, and developing a mindfulness practice is a certain skill by which one can navigate the mystery and uncertainty of the vast offering of religion with a solid sense of soberness.

The Taoist cannon held for me the closest experience to a total objective experience of mind; a way of experiencing the physical aliveness of my body (brain and emotions included) as a kind of filter through which the aliveness of this world passes through. It's enjoyable.  And further along the way, I found the system of the I Ching a "scientific" approach to unwinding mind, ego, and emotion, into separate and observable experiences. 

Mindfullness has allowed me to look closely and deeply into the subjects of Mind and Life without any added cultural pressure to either accept something foreign, or deny something I had already been living. By this method, I have come to appreciate so much in life - especially the difficulties. 'Difficulty,'  just a sidebar here, is a time of immense creativity and invitation, and is placed third in the sequence of the I Ching, just on the heels of 'Heaven' and 'Earth.' Such reversal of thinking is not merely the trick of positivist psychology, but a true and enthusiastic investigation into living by ones own forthright effort.

But this brings me closer to another service I can offer. First, NDM, simply the practice of attending to ones body and mind; and second, mindfulness lessons as expounded through the I Ching.

The I Ching is a groundwork upon which a student can progress steadily toward a more radiant experience of mind. The pattern of change as per the classic King Wen order holds any patterning of mind, or thought, possible: God, god, metaphysics, oblivion... there is no subject too great or too small which does not become enhanced in its personal relevance through the examining lens of the I Ching.

I often compare the I Ching to a chess board. Both have sixty-four components, or squares. As one move on the chess board, regardless of the players skill, affects the entire game. In retrospect, one move can spell success or... a lesson toward the making of a future success. So too with Mind. One thought can become an action, and action can be made into a belief; a belief, your character; and your character, your destiny.

By learning to watch ones mind closely and intimately, certainly one can foresee the outcome of any given choice. In uncertain times, I would claim meditation to be ones foremost defense against disaster, looking through the window into long life, good health, and happiness.

To contact me, please email: philip@sta-sis-arts.com 

I have also authored my own poetic interpretation of the I Ching, "The Book of Gardens," soon to arrive in published form.  

For more information on "The Book of Gardens," please see:

Thank you so much. I am glad you took the time to share these thoughts with me, and I hope to hear from you and be of good service.


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