Third Grade

    St. Paul School is my home away from home. I have been teaching third grade now for almost nine years. The Teachers, parents, and students are my second family. They have seen me get engaged, married, and start a family. I am thankful for the many people that encompass my daily life here. 
    I attended St. Patrick's School in Rodeo from 1st grade to 8th grade. After elementary  school, I attended Salesian High School. I graduated with a Liberal Studies Degree from Chico State. I received a Multiple Subjects Credential form University of Phoenix. I now reside in San Pablo and proudly call it my community. 
    The classroom is my favorite place to be. I love assisting the students with their learning and facilitating their exploration of the world around them. I am a true believer of being a life long learner and tell the students that I learn something new each day. Spending my day with the students is truly a gift from God. I enjoy the happiness and love they bring into the classroom daily. 

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Erin Tucker
3rd Grade

Religion- Our Religion book this year focuses on the Church and its community. As teachers we bring our Catholic Faith and its Christian values to every subject we teach throughout the year. We take advantage of every opportunity that may arise to share with the children what Jesus has taught us, and how Jesus would want us to act.

Language Arts- Our Language Arts curriculum consists of Open Court Reading, Vocabulary, English grammar, The Writing Process, Literature Circles, Spelling, and Handwriting.

 Math- Our primary focus this year is to master our basic multiplication and division facts. We will also be reviewing the basic addition and subtractions facts throughout the year as well time, money, graphing, fractions, decimals, and the metric system. The children will have daily homework in math.

Social Studies- We will be learning about our land, the United States, and the first Americans. The students will be given new insights into their communities and will make connections to the larger world. Students will explore geographic, social, and economic aspects of their world.

Science- Our science book this year focuses primarily on living things, matter, energy, the sun, and the planets. We will also take time to sharpen our critical thinking and processing skills.

Computer- Computer use will be integrated throughout the curriculum.