Seventh Grade

Meet the Teacher

Ms. Sandra Payne
7th Grade/Social Studies/Religion

    It is an honor to be your teacher. I will do my best to facilitate your learning process. I will support your academic and personal growth. I will be your instructor, your mentor, and the one who believes in your ability to succeed. I am looking forward to a successful year for both your child and myself. Our main goals are to improve your child’s social studies skills and to ensure their social and academic growth. Together, you and I will make certain that your child’s academic experience is a positive and steady one.

            I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I attended the University of California at Santa Cruz where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history in 2006. After graduating I decided to go into substitute teaching for the Los Angeles School District to make sure that teaching was something I wanted to pursue. I did this for three years. I enjoyed and gained plenty of experience while substituting; this was an experience I valued greatly. During my three years of substituting I earned my credential at California State University at Long Beach. I am blessed and thrilled to be part of the St. Paul Community this year. 

Social Studies Curriculum

Social Studies 

6th Grade

  • Students learn about ancient civilizations, i.e. Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient Hebrews, etc. 
  • Students also analyze the geographic, economic, religious structures of each early civilization. 

7th Grade 

  • Students understand and analyze world history geography. 
  • We review the 5 themes of geography i.e. location, movement, place, and so forth. 

8th Grade

  • Students understand the foundation of the American political system.  
  • Students also analyze foreign policies in the early US History.  

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade