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Below you will find: 1.  School Mission Statement
                                   2.  Stem Mission Statement
                                   3.  STEM Practices
                                   4.  Engineering Design Process
                                   5.  Tests/Quizzes - Fourth Grade
                                   6.  Test/Quizzes - Fifth Grade


Saint Patrick School honors our past through a true spirit of generosity that nurtures the faith formation of each child, seeing Christ in all we do and say.  As a school community, we seek to build the future by encouraging every student to reach their academic potential and be an example of our Catholic identity, living the Gospel message in service to others.  


We, the Catholic school educators of the Diocese of Paterson, will lead and model the teaching and integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through innovative and research-based student engagement.  STEM education, grounded in Catholic values, will prepare and empower our students to be creative, collaborative and morally responsible contributors to the advancement of the global community.  

We integrate STEM through the 4 C's of Practice
Critical Thinking:

And the 

Engineering Design Process

ASK:  What is the problem?  How have others approached it?  What are your constraints?

IMAGINE:  What are some solutions?  Brainstorm ideas.  Choose the best one.

PLAN:  Draw a diagram.  Make lists of materials you will need.

CREATE:  Follow your plan and create something.  Test it out!

IMPROVE:  What works?  What doesn't?  What could work better?  Modify your design to make it better.  Test it out!  

Fourth Grade Test/Quizzes
Spelling - Workbook pages due on Friday, May 25th - Chapter 24.  This is the test.
Reading Vocabulary Test - Thursday, May 24th. - See Review Sheet for words.

Fifth Grade Test/Quizzes
Spelling - Chapter 22 - Thursday, May 24th