St. Patrick School Mission Statement
Saint Patrick School honors our past through a true spirit of generosity that nurtures the faith formation of each child, seeing Christ in all we do and say.  As a school community, we seek to build the future by encouraging every student to reach their academic potential and be an example of our Catholic identity, living the Gospel message in service to others.

STEM Mission Statement

We, the Catholic school educators of the Diocese of Paterson, will lead and model the teaching and integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through innovative and research-based student engagement.   STEM education, grounded in Catholic values, will prepare and empower our students to be creative, collaborative and morally responsible contributors to the advancement of the global community.

We integrate STEM through the 4 C’s of Practice: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking

And the Engineering Design Process

ASK: What is the problem? How have others approached it? What are your constraints?

IMAGINE: What are some solutions? Brainstorm ideas. Choose the best one.

PLAN: Draw a diagram. Make lists of materials you will need.

CREATE: Follow your plan and create something. Test it out!

IMPROVE: What works? What doesn't? What could work better? Modify your design to make it better. Test it out!

Ms. Tournoux

Homeroom 6A
Religion 6
LA 6
Religion 7 
(with Fr.Bob and   Fr. Kamil)
LA 7
Religion 8

Blessings on the 

2018-2019 School Year!

Dear Parents, it is my wish that this entire year be filled with blessings from School Day 1 to School Day 180!---and all the days in between : )  As we celebrate the "BE a BLESSING" theme each day, I pray we see the blessings in one another that God has given us.  

This website is for general information.  Updates and current information can be found on the Parent Portal.

SNACK AND STUDY - Usually held on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY from after school until 3:30.  Students may bring a snack to eat before they start to do the day's homework, work on a project with a fellow student, or meet with a teacher for extra help.  Cancelled sessions will be posted on the calendar.

UNIFORM NOTE....please refer to the handbook for clarification on socks.  Students are starting to wear random colors and styles, according to the handbook socks should be navy blue with the regular uniform and white for the gym uniform.  Thanks!


Older, but relevant information

BIRTHDATREATS - At the request of our nurses, here is the policy for birthday treats.                                          "Birthday treats may be brought to school for students in Grades Pre-K through Grade 8.                 Early Childhood students may enjoy the treat during snack.                                                                  Grades 1 to 8 may enjoy the treat during lunch.                                                                                                 * It is requested that birthday treats be already prepared in original packaging in individual servings.       All treats should be MINIMAL and NUTRITIOUS.                                                                                              * For the safety of all students, homemade treats cannot be brought, given out or consumed                     in school.                                                                                                                                                                    * The school nurse and teacher has the right to not allow a treat to be served that does not comply         with these guidelines.                                                                                                                                     * Candy is not permitted.  Balloons, party favors and the like are not permitted.                  * Birthdays may be celebrated in school, provided the parent requested permission ahead of time.  *** At least one week prior to the event, the parent of the birthday child must communicate to the school nurse through email exactly what is to be served. The nurse will then contact the families of those students with allergies."

GYM UNIFORM - Please refer to the student-parent handbook for proper gym attire---particularly socks!                                  

***Note from NO FUSS LUNCH*** No Fuss Lunch has informed the school that they will no longer provide any food to children whose parent did not order it and approve it prior due to liability issues.  Parents will be called as soon as possible to inform them that their child does not have a lunch.  Please note that fast food and delivery will not be accepted per the handbook.  Due to allergy and medical concerns, St. Patrick School cannot provide lunch unless it is purchased by the parent or guardian through No Fuss Lunch or brought from home due to allergy related risk.