2016 - 2017 Student Council

"We are a part of the FAMILY of God."

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception School Student Council is a representative student body for the school comprised of students from grades 4-8. Our Student Council Cabinet is made up of students from the 7th and 8th grades who are elected by the entire school. Student Council members are expected to maintain excellent conduct and effort inside and outside of their academics. As role models, our entire Student Council lives out the Gospel message and follow in Christ’s footsteps in everything they do.

As a collaborative group, the Student Council hosts and facilitates weekly Cabinet meetings, monthly Student Council meetings, Bake Sales, paid free dress and canned food days,and much more. Additionally, Student Council conducts daily morning prayer, daily announcements, Spirit Rallies, Masses, and etc. Student Council members play an essential role in the productivity and Christ-like spirit of our parish and school.

2016 - 2017 Student Council Moderator: Ms. Levesque

2016-2017 St. Mary Student Council

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Presidents-Casey Lencioni & Olivia Alsterlind

Vice Presidents-Tommy Gallagher & Megan Ju

Spirit- Brian Garske, Cade Cushing, Grant Taft, & Marco Fregulia

Publicity- Will Millette, Olivia Cunningham, Tommy Roder, & Will Graham 

Treasurers- Meighan Farrell & RJ Livelo

Marketing Ambassadors- Frankie Stewart & Paige David

Ecology- Bessy Devine & Airi Seib

Safety- Hailey Kenny, Ben Graham, Keane Ponce, & Abby Roder

7th Grade Class Representative- Alex Green

6th Grade Class Representatives- Tyler Worthington & Rebecca Liu

5th Grade Class Representatives- Michelle Andal & Jake Powers

4th Grade Class Representatives- Ava Dornseif & Michael Andal


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