Welcome to Cocoons' Class

 Diary Dates
Friday 24th May Forest School
   Friday 7th JuneForest School

Check out our learning journey for the summer terms!
We have been researching and learning about the rainforest. We have learnt the meanings of the words biodiversity and ecosystem. We created our own ecosystem web as we listened to a story about different food chains in the rainforest. 

We have learnt about how plants adapt to the rainforest environment and climate. 
To link to both science and our rainforest topic we will be learning about the importance of bees for our planet. 
Watch the video we will be watching in class...

Wednesday 30th January 2019
  The classroom became a labyrinth and the children had to match the text of the myth to the pictures! They had string to follow, just like Theseus and they sequenced the story to find the Minotaur!
In science we have been investigating light. The children looked at how light reflects and the way it travels.
We have also been investigating shadows: how they are made, what you need to make one and the types of materials that make the best shadows.



  Thursday 13th December 
We had a special visitor in Cocoons today. Rumena kindly brought in tasty Indian samosas for the children to try (which led to requests for her to be our school chef!!) 

She also painted beautiful henna tattoos on our hands (all freehand!) which were the envy of the rest of the school. 
 After this, we performed the Bollywood dance we had been learning in P.E for Rumena to say thank you!
We then had an arty afternoon, drawing Indian animals. 

It really was a fantastic way to finish off our learning journey to India!



                                                               W/C 17th September
Thank you for coming to the parent workshop! Really great to see so many of you there. Links to the websites or handouts are on the home learning page...
Our trip to SMILE Meadow was a success! All the children collaborated really well in their groups, choosing their spot in which to create their artwork based on the natural structures they wanted (or didn't want!) to be part of their work. Many of them thought carefully about the design, colour, texture and tone of their work and modified it as they progressed. 
Andy Goldsworthy inspired art



W/C 10th September
With our Harvest Celebration creeping up on us, we took a chance to link our topic to the assembly and spent some time on a colour walk, capturing the beauty of the colours in our school environment. After photographing some inspiration, we wrote colour poems in partners using our 5 senses. We hope many of you will enjoy listening to snippets of them during the Harvest assembly.
We spent another enjoyable afternoon in the outdoors having learnt about the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. We gathered natural items from the grounds of the churchyard and playground and created our first attempts at 'Land Art'.
5th September
Cocoons had a lovely start to the year, taking inspiration from our topic book, 'Where My Wellies Take Me'. We donned appropriate clothing/footwear and headed down to the woods past SMILE Meadow where we collected blackberries. After the initial temptation to scoff them them all on the journey back, we managed to save some which we put into a blackberry and apple crumble. A fantastic and delicious way to start the new school year! We also used our 5 senses to think about the physical and human markers of our journey, creating journey sticks as reminders of some of the things we had found.

Welcome back Cocoons!
This term our topic is Journeys.
We will be focusing on local journeys for the first half of term, exploring our beautiful village and all it has to offer. We will use the book 'Where My Wellies Take Me' by Claire and Michael Morpurgo as inspiration. 
Our learning journey can be found below.