St. Ignatius Counseling Office

The mission of the St. Ignatius Counseling Office is to support and assist students and their families so that, together, we might face all challenges and struggles with courage, strength and grace. 


    God never promised us that our journey would be easy, but the "obstacles" that he places in our way are actually opportunities to bring out the talents, strengths and inner resources that he wants us to develop. At times, we all need someone who can help us to put things in perspective, examine our options, and make the best decisions we can make to move us forward. The aim of the Counseling Office is to serve that function for the students and families that make up this community.

    With that philosophy in mind, Mr. JC Shakespeare, LPC, has joined the St. Ignatius staff to develop a counseling program. Mr. Shakespeare served at St. Michael's Catholic Academy for five years as an English teacher, and five years as the school counselor. The counseling program will work with the administration to continue to foster a culture of kindness and compassion at St. Ignatius, and to offer students in need of extra support or guidance the tools to succeed at school and in life. If you feel that your student might benefit from talking with Mr. Shakespeare, you may fill out a confidential, online referral form here.