Hello Preschool parents,

Due to the recent school closure, we have created this site to continue class lessons. This site will give you full access to our home-adapted lesson plans. We have created a weekly agenda for each subject of learning. Students are not required to do the work for days they do not usually attend, you may stick to the M/W/F or T/TH schedule. However, you may also take full advantage of this experience and do the week's worth of work, if you choose to. Use the sidebar to the left to find the subjects and assignments for each day.

At this time, both teachers will continue to have office hours in the classrooms. During office hours, teachers will be available to answer any questions, respond to all of students assignments, and check in with families.

Office hours will be every day from 8:30 am-2:30 pm.

Things to remember:
Always make sure that your student is holding their writing utensil correctly. While doing the worksheets, please remind students to take their time when coloring, color in the lines, try not to scribble, use multiple different colors, trace everything slowly, and stay on the dotted lines. If students are following these steps the worksheets should take a minimum of 10 minutes each. 

Listed below is what each subject includes:

Language: the letter of the week, Zoophonics/alphabet recognition, reading opportunities, related worksheets, etc.

Math: counting practice, number/shape recognition, related worksheets, etc.

Movement: action/dance videos, movement activities, such as games, songs, and exercises. 

Religion: prayer practice, songs, activities pertaining to the religion theme of the week.

Science:  easy at-home experiments, plant/animal life, colors, senses, etc.

We have worked to make this as easy as possible to follow along with while using what you have at home. Please email us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We hope everyone is able to stay healthy and safe during this time, our preschool families are always in our prayers.


Miss Gorostidi and Miss Miller