Pop Art

Pop Art was one of the most influential 20th  Century Art movements and is a style of art that took into account, for the first time, how our modern world looks and how we receive information.

Pop artists took images from advertising, films, cartoons and the fast food industry. The pictures were blown up, distorted and brightly coloured.

Two of the major ‘names’ in the movement are Andy Warhol (who predicted that one day everyone would have fifteen minutes of fame) and Roy Lichtenstein.

Warhol’s images were taken from the world of advertising, commerce and the media. Here we have one of his most iconic portraits, Marilyn Monroe.

Lichtenstein was fascinated by comics and enlarged small pictures from comics into huge wall-sized paintings; the liked the clear colourful images as can be seen here in his work ‘Hopeless’. Often he would use only one or two frames from a comic story, meaning the images would be out of context.