Student Council

The St. Ansgar Elementary School Student Council was established in August of 2011.  Representatives from each 3rd and 4th Grade classrooms are chosen to represent our entire student body.  The Student Council meets each Day 4 from 10:00 - 10:30 to discuss school culture and climate, address concerns, plan special events, organize community service efforts, make decisions, and promote school spirit.

The following mission statement and pledges were written and adopted by our 2011-2012 Student Council members:

The Mission of the St. Ansgar Elementary School Student Council is to... 
  • Help Make Learning Fun!
  • Promote Student Leadership Within Our School
  • Help Improve Communication Between Students and Staff
  • Care, Help, and Make Decisions
  • Make a Difference in Our School, Our Community, Our Country, and Our World
We, as St. Ansgar Elementary School Student Council Members Pledge To...
  • Lead By Example
  • Help Our Students Get A Good Education In A Safe Environment
  • Keep Our School "Bully Free"
  • Keep Our School "Drug Free"
  • Promote School Spirit
  • Serve Our Community Through Community Service Projects and Outreach
  • Build a Supportive, Happy, and Respectful Environment in which Everyone Feels Included and Cared About

Elementary Student Council Members:

Left to Right/Top to Bottom:  

Ellie Merten (3rd Grade), Natalie Bork (4th Grade), Lucas Clowser (4th Grade), Drew Shimek (3rd Grade), Courtney Beyer (4th Grade) Amelia Porisch (3rd Grade), Tyler Gerk (4th Grade), Gus Walk (3rd Grade)