Dr. Seuss Day Fun!

posted Feb 28, 2019, 12:46 PM by Kim Brackey

We celebrated Dr. Seuss Day at today's R & R as we won't be here on his REAL birthday ~ March 2nd ~ to celebrate.  The Student Council came up with a game called "Seuss-a-strations" (based on the board game Telestrations).  We have some very talented young artists and some students with great knowledge of Dr. Seuss books!  Of course, sticking with tradition, we also had a teachers' version as well.  (This is when competition is at it's peak!!!)  Our lucky ballot vote winners for the honor of wearing the Cat in the Hat costume became complicated this year.  We had a "tie," and the Student Council members thought it only right to have both winners acknowledged as it isn't STA practice to ever leave anyone out!  Luckily, I had purchased a couple new costumes this year so we were able to crown THREE ballot vote winners ~ not just one!  Congratulations to top vote getters Mr. Kline, Mrs. Schulz, and Ms. Drewelow.  Enjoy the pictures!  Mr. Kline greeted all the kids, high-fiving them and graciously thanking them for their votes!  There's a pic of one of student who definitely voted for him as well!  ; ) I also had to grab a pic of Thing 1 and Thing 2 with KDGN student, Taryn Goergen, who chose to dress to honor Dr. Seuss today as well.  Fun was had by all.  Happy (early) Birthday to Dr. Seuss!


February Jungle Tiger Winners

posted Feb 28, 2019, 12:18 PM by Kim Brackey   [ updated Feb 28, 2019, 12:18 PM ]

Another month is in the books...well, if we can even call it a month!  With all of our snow days one could argue that we were gone almost as much as we were here!  Nonetheless...we have four new "Jungle Tigers" to honor this month.  One used the new skill of sign language to help a classmate ask for more snacks at snack time.  One stepped out of his comfort zone to try a new food (sweet potatoes) at our Thanksgiving meal.  One is always willing to help another classmate complete his/her planner every morning, even though it takes time away from what he can get done.  And, another was also recognized for helping classmates with their homework when they ask for help even though she isn't yet done with her own.  Parents, families, friends ~ we couldn't be more proud!  It has also been a joy for me to go into classrooms to teach each week and hear "Jungle Tiger" and "Bubble Gum Brain" language used on a regular basis.  They have truly taken this year's theme and made it a part of every day life!  What a fun year it has been!  

Congratulations to the following Jungle Tiger winners for February:  Gage Fossey ~ 1st Grade, Porter Schwiesow ~ 3rd Grade, Audrina Franzen ~ 3rd Grade, and Collyn Meyer ~ 1st Grade.  You are all very deserving to be called "Jungle Tigers!"

January "Jungle Tiger" Winners

posted Jan 25, 2019, 7:27 AM by Kim Brackey

The New Year is in full swing at STA elementary school! Students are setting goals to learn new things, face new challenges, and be "Jungle Tigers!"  We had our first drawing of 2019 at this morning's R & R and would like to congratulate the following students for their "Jungle Tiger" mindsets:  Weston Schwartz ~ KDGN, Derek Hemann ~ 5th Grade, Simon Collins ~ 2nd Grade, and Luke Esdohr ~ KDGN!  Good Work Jungle Tigers!  

December "Jungle Tiger" Winners

posted Dec 20, 2018, 12:50 PM by Kim Brackey

2018 is soon in the books!  Wow ~ did that four months fly by or what?!?  We drew our final "Be A Jungle Tiger" winners for 2018.  Our wall is beginning to be covered in "paws" and the Student Council members have an ample amount of recipients from which to draw!  Our winners for December are as follows:  Kyla Nelson ~ Preschool, Kamen Malmin ~ 5th Grade, Chelsea Brumm ~ 5th Grade, and Trenton Shipler ~ 1st Grade.  Congratulations to our deserving Jungle Tigers for December!  

Turkey Bowling 2018

posted Nov 19, 2018, 8:20 AM by Kim Brackey

It was time, again, for our annual Turkey Bowling competition.  It was a hard fought battle ~ with a close, close competition in the finals between the first grade competitors Ava Trenhaile and Wyatt Spark and fifth grade competitors Kianna Turley and Kamen Malmin.  In the end, the fifth grade students edged by with a couple pin victory!  Congratulations to Kianna and Kamen from Mrs. Jackson's 5th grade class! (Notice how their treats are already almost half eaten! The basket used to be full! Haha!)

The staff competition is always good for some fun ~ and the competition level is always epic when you get a group of teachers vying for the coveted "Turkey Bowling" sash.  Veteran Sheila Schulz, new teachers Brandi Meier and Hayley Drewelow and Kelly Popp were the lucky bowlers selected to represent the St. Ansgar elementary today.  Congratulations to first time Turkey Bowler and competitor extraordinaire Hayley Drewelow on her hard fought victory today!  (I think the kids actually love this part of the morning the most!)

"Be A Jungle Tiger" Winners for November

posted Nov 19, 2018, 7:37 AM by Kim Brackey

Our Jungle Tiger wall is quickly filling up with paw prints!  What a fun sight to see!  We had four very deserving winners for the month of November.  They are as follows:  Peyton Deyo-Boysen ~ 2nd Grade, Lundyn Ashcraft ~ 2nd Grade, Chloe Hemann ~ 5th Grade, and Griffen Haugen ~ 4th Grade.  Their nominations ranged from keeping perfect rhythm in music, to volunteering to dance at the Rendezvous, to working very diligently in WIN to improve their reading skills!  Great job kids!  We are very proud of you "Jungle Tigers!"

"Be A Jungle Tiger" Winners for September and October

posted Oct 26, 2018, 1:10 PM by Kim Brackey

Many of you who have been through our building have watched our jungle wall come to life over these past couple of months.  Our building-wide theme was inspired by a county-wide professional development opportunity teachers experienced last spring.  Trevor Ragan taught us the importance of instilling a "Jungle Tiger" mindset in our students and ourselves.  He taught us to look for opportunities to go out on a limb and try new things.  Take risks.  Build an "I Can" attitude rather than an "I Can't."  He taught us to persevere when things get tough.  He helped us to know and understand that making great mistakes is a vital step in the learning process and that we should encourage our students to do exactly that.  We also used the book, "Bubble Gum Brain" by Julia Cook, to reiterate these concepts along with the concept of the "Power of YET!"  It has truly been a fun theme to focus our efforts upon as learners this year.  Be sure to ask your children all about it, and stop and take a look at the jungle tiger wall that we all created together.

We were able to recognize our first "Be A Jungle Tiger" winners for the year at the end of September.  The following students were recognized for their jungle tiger mindsets and rewarded with a decorated tiger cookie from Paradise Pizza, a tiger-striped pencil, and a jungle-themed sticker/sand art project.  September winners were: Ezra Marzen ~ 1st Grade, Mason Beland ~ 4th Grade, Drew Freeman ~ 2nd Grade, and Brevin Mitchell ~ Preschool.  

October's "Be A Jungle Tiger" winners were:  Kamdyn Morrow ~ Pre-KDGN, Aden Franzen ~ 5th Grade, Jordan Sturgis ~ 5th Grade, and Invictus Walsh ~ KDGN.  Congratulations to all of our winners!  The honors were much deserved!

"Go Make A RIPPLE" End-of-the-Year Winners

posted Jun 1, 2018, 8:55 AM by Kim Brackey

Congratulations to the lucky winners, Abbi Jorgensen ~ 2nd Grade and Bree Tabbert ~ 5th Grade, for winning the end-of-the-year "Go Make A RIPPLE" prize.  Both girls were the lucky recipients of a big, round, comfy "world" pillow.  Our motto was, "Your Heart is the Pebble ~ The World is Your Pond...Go Make A RIPPLE!"  Two final winners were drawn from the remaining rocks in the pond, and these two winners were both very deserving!  Enjoy the pillows Abbi and Bree!

May "Go Make A RIPPLE" Winners

posted Jun 1, 2018, 8:45 AM by Kim Brackey

Our final "Go Make A RIPPLE" winners of the year were drawn and honored for their efforts to spread kindness in our school! Congratulations to the much-deserving winners this month:  Daniel Merten ~ 1st Grade, Abbi Jorgensen ~ 2nd Grade ~ Jaxson Halvorson ~ 1st Grade, and Andie Baker ~ 4th Grade.

While our wall, where the pond of rocks once hung, looks very bare ~ we have exciting things planned for our 2018-2019 building-wide theme.  Stay tuned...

April "Go Make A Ripple" Winners

posted May 3, 2018, 1:14 PM by Kim Brackey

As our school year winds down, our "pond" continues to fill up!  There are so many rocks in the pond you can barely see the water!  That's a credit to our remarkable elementary students at St. Ansar Elementary School!  We only have one more month for students to get a chance to get a rock with their name on the back of it on our pond.  Good luck to all students as they strive to continue to spread kindness to all those around them!  Congratulations to this month's "Go Make A Ripple" winners!  Once again, their nominations were much deserved!  Thank you, girls, for working to make our school a kinder place.  The winners are as follows:  Layna Mitchell ~ Preschool, Kenzie Peterson ~ 5th Grade, Harper DeMaris ~ 1st Grade, and Scarlett Sherrard ~ Preschool.  

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