Welcome to the St. Ann's Academy elementary computers site! We are having fun while learning important computational thinking skills! Click on one of the tabs above to check out what we have been doing in class.

What is Computational Thinking?

Computational thinking skills allow people to solve problems in a logical way. There are 4 main skills involved:
  1. Abstraction - looking at the big picture.
  2. Pattern Recognition - finding familiar or consistant patterns.
  3. Decomposition - breaking the problem into smaller steps.
  4. Algorithm Design - creating a set of steps that will solve the problem.
At St. Ann's, we are excited to bring computational thinking into our classrooms through everyday tasks and computer lessons! We believe this will give our students the skills they need to excel in an ever-changing world. 



Why Learn to Code?

Coding is a fun way to show computational thinking skills! It is a very important part of education because it gives students a safe environment in which to fail and develop resilience. 

Everybody makes mistakes when coding. When a piece of code fails, it is quick to see the result, make changes, and iterate until the desire result is achieved.