How to use this site.

You can see on the left that each group has an arrow. Click on the arrow next to your group and it will drop down to three areas that your team can use for the current task. For your information, below is a description of the three areas. Each time we arrange a new team or have a new task these will be added to the left-hand navigation. In addition to the left hand navigation, at the bottom of each page is a text-hyperlink to any sub-pages associated with that page.


Team Main Page

 For your team's convenience the Saint Ann School Calendar is right on the Team's main page so you can plan your team meetings.  You can also use this page to make comments. or add resource links or upload documents. Below the calendar and above the attachments section of the page are the links your teams sub-pages. The function of these sub-pages are described below.


Team Discussions Page

The Team discussions Page is and area where you can post and comment on the results of your efforts, ideas to improve and other comments in relation to the current task. Click on the "NEW POST" button to add a new topic OR click on Add comments to an existing discussion. Just click on the "comments" link at the bottom of a previously posted discussion.  In addition you may also add document attachments to any discussion. Just click on the "attachments" link at the bottom of a previously posted discussion.


 Team Action Items Page

 The Action Items page is a place to keep a task completed list. Click on the "Customize" link to change the criteria for your action Item. Then click the "ADD Item" button to add items to your list.

**For Technology Integration PLC Please see the additional Action Item for Essential Questions!


Team Documents Page

The team can use this page to upload any documents you wish to share to share. Use the toolbar on the page to "Add File", "Move to a New Folder for better organization, and to "subscribe to any changes" to the page. With the subscribe to changes you will be notified by email when a document is added to this page, so that ou don't have to remember to check the page to see if important documents have been added.

*The option to subscribe to all page or whole site changes is also listed in the more actions button in the top right header of the site.