9th Health

Syllabus - Winter 2015-16



Health 9: 2015-16




1. Ejournal

2. class participation

3. final presentation


Class # & Topic



(Class A) Principles of new class

  1. Core modules:

  • Self-awareness

  • Relationship skills

  • Physical Health

  • Community Health

  1. Course methodology.

  • Reflective: create a space to think about their health understanding and choices.

  • Interactive: support students in sharing their opinions and experiences.

  • Personal growth: support each individual to develop their ability to make healthy choices

3) Icebreaker

Ejournal creation



(Class B) Journaling practice

- YAWP video clip from “Dead Poet’s Society”:

(Class C) Mindset

(Class D) Time management

(Class E) Stress

(Class F) Identity development

Entry :

3 ways of describing self.

3 ways others would describe you.

Entry : I come from...

Entry : What I like about myself?

Entry  - 3 ways that you want to grow personally, socially, emotionally.

Entry: Hopes and fears:

Entry: top 3 stressors in your life. Write about what helps!


Relationship Skills

(Class G) Healthy Relationships: Managing parents, friends, enemies dating relationship

(Class H) Boundaries - Physical, behavioral, emotional

(Class I) Peer pressure

Exercise: roleplaying each scenario

Journal - qualities of good peer-peer, familial, and dating relationship



Physical Health

(Class K)  STIs and Anatomy

(Class L) Consent and contraceptives

(Class N)  Nutrition

(Class O) Body image: social media

(Class Q) Mental Health - depression

(Class R) Substance use

powerpoint presentation on “Risks related to Sexual Intimacy,” in google drive under supplemental handouts


Community Health  

(Class S) Respect, Ethics, Values

(Class T) DIversity/privilege  


Presentations (Classes V-X)


Closure -last class

Re-read journal - listing the changes you made and ones you want to continue

Grading is based on the following:


  1. Journaling - Write entries for each section. Some sections may have more than one entry. This will be checked for completion each week by the health teacher.
  2. Class participation - we ask that each student find a way to meaningfully contribute to class participation. This can mean speaking up in class, in small group discussion and/or writing in your journal. Participation is crucial for your own learning.
  3. Final presentation

Final presentation

  • Please prepare a creative/research presentation, on a health related topic of your choice. You must clear this topic with your teacher prior to beginning.
  • Your project will include a 2 page written report as well as a creative presentation which incorporates this research and which you learned and also educates the class.
  • You will research and CITE at least 3 sources. Any outside video can only be 1/2 of your total presentation time.
  • Your creative presentation to the class may include a poster, a teaching plan, a video, art work, or any other creative means to show both what you have learned about the topic as well as any health message you would like to give your peers.
  • You may do these alone or in groups - Maximum of 3 people in a group. ALL must present equally.