In August 2016, Google will disable the service that is critical to this process.  Do NOT use this process for podcasting.  You'll have to find another service.

Post in Blogger

  • upload the MP3 file to the Google Drive folder using the usual Drive web page
  • open two browser windows or tabs
    • open the podcast's Google Drive folder using the link you created above
    • open the site for the blog
  • in the Blogger window/tab
    • click on Posts in the left side-menu
    • click the New post button
    • add a post title and additional text to describe the podcast
    • in the right side-menu, click on Links
  • in the Google Drive folder
    • right-click on the MP3 file you wish to podcast and choose Copy link address
  • in the Blogger tab
    • paste the link into the top text box in the Enclosure Links section
    • press the tab key to navigate to the next text box (mime type) - it will automatically fill with audio/mpeg
    • complete the blog post by adding additional content if desired
    • you can include an embedded HTML5 audio player in the post, so listeners can hear the podcast directly from the Blogger page
    • change the Blogger editor to HTML mode
    • paste the code below into the post
<audio controls="">
<source src=""></source>
If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element
    • replace the src URL with your podcast file URL (the same URL you added to the Enclosure Links field)
    • when ready, click the Publish button
    •  Review the post in Blogger
      • at the top of the Blogger page, click on the View blog button