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Event Registration Tool

The Event Registration Tool is another fine package written and maintained by +Romain Vialard at Google Apps Script Examples.

  • Use a Google Spreadsheet to create a list of meetings or conference sessions
  • Use a Calendar to display the schedule
  • Use a Form to allow participants to register
  • Features:
    • Limit the number of registered participants (or not)
    • Set a minimum number of participants (with an automated email if registration is too low)
    • Send an immediate confirmation email to participants
    • Add event to participant's personal calendar
    • Send an automated reminder email to participants

In this example, I have created a registration system for the Questionable Movies Conference.
  • See the spreadsheet that manages it and the calendar presented below.
  • See the calendar that shows the schedule and allows participants to register
    • Click on any event title to see the details and to register for the session.
  • The resources are in this folder: http://goo.gl/ymYp4P
Slam King
Event Registration Tool won the Google SLAM #7 on January 25, 2014.  

See the entire SLAM here.

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