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This webpage will serve as a directory of all municipalities which are members of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association. Currently, 42 communities are members ranging from the City of Blue Island to the north to the Village of Crete, Illinois to the south. . The left column with municipal logos are hyperlinked to the respective municipal website. The middle column consists of municipal contact information. The right column consists of links which go to webpages that further describe the housing and commercial/industrial characteristics of the respective communities. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to download a membership directory.

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 City of Blue Island

Address: 13051 S. Greenwood Ave

Mayor: Donald Peloquin

Phone: (708)-597-8602

Email: dpeloquin@cityofblueisland.org

Contact: Jodi Prout-Community Development Director

Phone: (708)-396-7138

Email: jprout@cityofblueisland.org


 Village of Burnham

Address: 14450 S. Manistee Avenue

Mayor: Robert Polk

Phone: (708)-8

Contact: Robert Polk-Mayor

Phone: (708)-862-9150

Email: rpolk@villageofburnhamil.com


 City of Calumet City

Address: 204 Pulaski Rd

Mayor: Michelle Markiewicz-Qualkinbush

Contact: Jim Gigliotti-Director of Community and Economic Development

Phone: (708)-891-8140

Email: jgigliotti@calumetcity.org

 Village of Calumet Park

Address: 12409 S. Throop Street

Mayor: Ronald Denson

Contact: Ronald Denson

Phone: (708)-389-1906


 City of Chicago Heights

Address: 1601 Chicago Rd

Mayor: David Gongalez

Contact: Lisa Aprati-Chief of Staff

Phone: (708)-756-5318


 City of Country Club Hills

Address: 4200 West Main Street

Mayor: Dwight Welch

Contact: Mayor Dwight Welch

Phone: (708)-798-2616

Email: dwelch@countryclubhills.org


 Village of Crete

Address: 524 W. Exchange Street

Mayor: Michael Einhorn

Contact: Thomas Durkin-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-672-5479

Email: tdurkin@villageofcrete.org


 Village of Dixmoor

Address: 170 W. 145th Street

Mayor: Keevan Grimmett

Contact: Mayor Keevan Grimmett

Phone: (708)-389-6121



 Village of Dolton

Address: 14014 S. Park Avenue

Mayor: Riley H. Rogers

Contact: Bert Herzog-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-849-4000

Email: bherzog@vodolton.org

Dolton Economic Development Information

Dolton Statistical Abstract 

 Village of East Hazel Crest

Address: 1904 W. 174th Street

Village President: Thomas Brown

Contact: Pat Lazuka-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-798-0213

Email: Email

 Village of Flossmoor

Address: 2800 Flossmoor Rd

Mayor: Paul Braun

Contact: Bridget Wachtel-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-798-2300


 Village of Ford Heights

Address: 1343 Ellis Avenue

Mayor: Charles Griffin

Contact: Mayor Charles Griffin

Phone: (708)-758-3185

Email: cgriffin@fordheights.org

 Village of Glenwood

Address: One Asselborn Way

Village President: Kerry Durkin

Contact: Donna Gayden-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-757-2311

Email: donna@villageofglenwood.com

 City of Harvey

Address: 15320 Broadway Avenue

Mayor: Eric Kellogg

Contact: Dreina Lewis-Chief of Staff

Phone: (708)-210-5300

Email: lrufus@cityofharvey.org


 Village of Hazel Crest

Address: 3000 W. 170th Place

Village President: Vernard L. Alsberry Jr.

Contact: James Whigham-Village Manager

Phone: (708)-335-9600

Email: jwhigham@villageofhazelcrest.com

 Village of Homewood

Address: 2020 Chesnut Rd

Mayor: Rich Hofeld

Contact: Ralph DeWitt-Village Manager

Phone: (708)-206-3387

Email: rdewitt@village.homewood.il.us

 Village of Lansing

Address: 3141 Ridge Rd

Mayor: Norm Abbott

Village Administrator: J. Wynsma

Contact: Vivian Payne-Assistant to Mayor

Phone: (708)-895-7208

Email: vpayne@villageoflansing.org

 Village of Lynwood

Address: 21460 Lincoln Highway

Mayor: Eugene Williams

Contact: Mayor Eugene Williams

Phone: (708)-758-6101

Email: gwilliams@lynwoodil.us

 City of Markham

Address: 16313 S. Kedzie Avenue

Mayor: David Webb

Contact: Mayor David Webb

Phone: (708)-331-4905 ext 327

Email: mayorwebb@cityofmarkham.net.

 Village of Matteson

Address: 4900 Village Commons

Village President: Andre Ashmore

Contact:  Brian Mitchell-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-283-4916

Email: bmitchell@villageofmatteson.org

 Village of Midlothian

Address: 14801 S. Pulaski Rd

Village President: Terry Stephens

Contact: Jim Lang-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-389-0200

Email: jlang@villageofmidlothian.net


 Village of Mokena

Address: 11004 Carpenter St

Village President: Joe Werner

Contact: John Downs-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-479-3900

Email: jdowns@mokena.org

 Village of Monee

Address: 5130 W. Court Street

Mayor: Dan Tovo

Contact: David Wallace-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-534-8635

Email: dwallace@villageofmonee.org


 Village of New Lenox

Address: 1 Veterans Parkway

Mayor: Tim Baldermann

Contact: Kurt Carroll-Village Administrator

Phone: (815)-462-6400

Email: kcarroll@newlenox.net


 City of Oak Forest

Address: 15440 S. Central Avenue

Mayor: Hank Kuspa

Contact: Adam Dotson-Community Development Director

Phone: (708)-687-4050 ext 1007

Email: adotson@oak-forest.org

 Village of Olympia Fields

Address: 20040 S. Governors Highway

Village President: Debbie Meyers-Martin

Contact: David Mekarski-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-503-8000

Email: dmekarski@olympia-fields.com



 Village of Orland Hills

Address: 16033 S. 94th Avenue

Village President: Kyle Hastings

Contact: John Daly-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-349-6865

Email: jdaly@orlandhills.org



 Village of Orland Park

Address: 14700 S. Ravinia Dr

Village President: Daniel McLaughlin

Contact: Paul Grimes-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-403-6100

Email: pgrimes@orland-park.il.us



 City of Palos Heights

Address: 7607 W. College Drive

Mayor: Robert Straz

Contact: Dan Nisavic-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-480-3002

Email: dan@palosheights.org



 Village of Park Forest

Address: 350 Victory Dr

Mayor: John Ostenburg

Contact: Tom Mick-Village Manager

Phone: (708)-748-1129



 Village of Phoenix

Address: 633 East 151st Street

Mayor: Terry Wells

Contact: Darnell Sanford-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-331-1455

Email: mayor@villageofphoenix.com



 Village of Posen

Address: 2440 W. Walter Zimny Dr

Mayor: Donald Schupek

Contact: Stanley Barwock-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-385-0139

Email: sbarwock@villageofposen.org



 Village of Richton Park

Address: 4455 W. Sauk Trail 

Village President:  Rick Reinbold

Contact: Dee'Carlon Seewood-Village Manager

Phone: (708)-753-8950 ext 110

Email: dseewood@richtonpark.org


 Village of Riverdale

Address: 157 W. 144th Street

Mayor: Lawrence Jackson

Carol Moore-Executive Assistant to the Mayor

Phone:  (708)-841-2274

Email: cmoore@villageofriverdale.org



 Village of Robbins

Address: 3327 W. 137th Street

Village President: Irene Brodie

Contact: Napoleon Haney-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-385-8940

Email: nhaney@robbins-il.com



 Village of Sauk Village

Address: 21801 S. Torrence Ave

Acting Mayor: David Hanks

Contact: Development Director

Phone: (708)-758-3330




 Village of South Chicago Heights

Address: 3317 Chicago Rd

Mayor: David Owen

Contact: Paul Peterson-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-755-1880




 Village of South Holland

Address: 16226 S. Wausau Ave

Mayor: Don De Graff

Contact: Jason Huisman-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-210-2906

Email: jhuisman@southholland.org



 Village of Steger

Address: 35 W. 34th Street

Mayor: Kenneth A. Peterson, Jr.

Contact: Carmen Recupito-Village Clerk

Phone: (708)-754-3395

Email: crecupito@villageofsteger.org



 Village of Thornton

Address: 115 E. Margaret St

Mayor: Robert "Bob" Kolosh

Contact: Jason Wicha-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-877-4456

Email: jwicha@thornton60476.com



 Village of Tinley Park

Address: 16250 S. Oak Park Ave

Mayor: Edward Zabrocki

Contact: Scott Niehaus-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-444-5000

Email: sniehaus@tinleypark.org



 Village of University Park

Address: 698 Burnham Drive

Village President: Vivian Covington

Contact: Lafayette Linear-Village Administrator

Phone: (708)-235-4813

Email: llinear@university-park-il.com


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