Middle School Science Olympiad

Welcome to the Middle School Science Olympiad Team Page!   

Below is the information on who is coaching which events, contacts, and meeting times and locations.  The events on the left side are linked to the specific information about the event.  This is a great resource for competitors and coaches.

Our Plan this year to make it easier for students to meet, build, and study together was to keep events in specific grades.  HOWEVER, if you have a student who is EXTREMELY self motivated and you as the parent can provide the support, resources, and space for your student and his or her partner to meet please discuss this with Pam Karzen to make an exception.   

As more volunteer coaches sign up to help some of the after school events may have different coaches and meeting times.  Please be prepared to be flexible with this.  

Science Olympiad 2017-18 events by grade level

Science Olympiad parent night 2017-18

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