Dear Parents,

It is an honor to be  your child's school counselor and get to know every unique and amazing student here at Strawberry Park.  We will updating this website throughout the year with information that may interest you and current events here at school.   Below is our contact information.  Please don't hesitate to call with questions, concerns, or just to talk about your child's experience at SPE.

Alison Hobson, LCSW                                    Allison Wither, LCSW
(970) 871-3449                                                  (970) 871-3296                               

Calendar of Highlights: 

Fall 2017

Welcome back to a new school year!

We hope your child has had a wonderful transition back to school.  Please let us know if  your child needs any support.  We are here to help.  We often work with students individually and in small groups.   We also teach in every classroom every two weeks.

*COUNSELING GROUPS STARTING:   let us know if you think your child would benefit from the emotional support of a small group.  Topics for support vary based on need, but some possibilities are:  friendships, excessive worries, loss, divorce, family stress, general emotional support. Children generally love small groups for the sense of belonging and friendship as well as a place to process their feelings, be understood, and learn coping skills.  

* SCHOOL BUS SAFETY:   We will have a Bus Safety Program next week.  Students will be taught positive behavior expectations for the school bus.   We want your child’s time on the bus to be happy and safe!  

Classroom Lessons:
All of our students started the year by thinking of a way they wish to grow this year.  Each class created their own sunflower to remind them of their goals (and to brighten up their days!).  We will also focus on Whole Body Listening, Empathy (practicing listening with our hearts), and Emotion Regulation.
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