The purpose of BADGES is for SCE/SPE teachers and staff to celebrate their achievement of implementing various technologies, tools, and digital literacies. Click on the topics below to see the different badges that are available. Under each one you will find a description, available trainings, and a link to submit your request. Once you have earned your badge, we want you to proudly display it outside your classroom door. 

Here's how you earn your badge:
  1. Find the badge you'd like to earn and click "request this badge" underneath it.
  2. Fill out the badge request Google Form. Please answer questions thoughtfully and completely.
  3. Your submission will be reviewed and a badge will be printed for you.
  4. Proudly display your badge. 
Request your badge here!
Want to see what others are doing and what badges have been earned? Check it out here. Click on responses at the top once the form has opened.